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Thread: Stephen Shennan.:The First Farmers of Europe: an Evolutionary Perspective353 days old

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    Default Stephen Shennan.:The First Farmers of Europe: an Evolutionary Perspective

    partial access via key words and selected pages


    *The First Farmers of Europe: an Evolutionary Perspective*
    Stephen Shennan.
    Cambridge University Press

    Knowledge of the spread of farming into Europe has been revolutionised in
    last few years by the application of new scientific techniques, especially
    analysis of DNA from ancient human genomes. The book uses the new evidence
    show that the spread of farming involved a population expansion from
    present-day Turkey that resulted from the opportunities for increased
    reproductive success by colonising new regions that farming offered. The
    knowledge and resources for the farming niche were passed on from parents to
    their children. However, in many areas the success of the new adaptation was
    not maintained and the population booms were followed by busts.
    a paper from 2015:

    Tracing the genetic origin of Europe's first farmers reveals insights into their social organization
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