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Thread: What does it mean to "live your life to the fullest"?97 days old

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    Default What does it mean to "live your life to the fullest"?

    Someone sent me this controversial parody/makeover (?) of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida":

    It made me thinking: is Hitler an example of someone who lived his life to the fullest?

    Is it moral and okay to live your life to the fullest in a hedonistic way like Hitler did?

    What do you think?


    I was also inspired by this thread:
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    Why's it got to be hedonistic? Is that the "goal" of life? To toss morals & ethics out the window?

    Live your life to the fullest is how you make it.

    If someone lives life based on others' desires, like people desperately seeking social media "approval" in the form of thumbs up (even getting depressed if they don't get their "fix"), that person will likely never be satisfied. Will never live life to the fullest. Cause they're trying all so hard to please everyone else but themselves.

    It's sort of what separates self-confident/strong-willed/go-against-the-follow people (the leaders) from the low-confidence/weak-willed/follow-the-crowd people (the sheep). Hitler appears to have been one confident SOB. Did he live life to the fullest? Who knows. But it would certainly seem so with all those (German & allies) "sheep" eating out of his hand.
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