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Thread: Unfortunate twist of nature?444 days old

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    Question Unfortunate twist of nature?

    "Motherhood on ice: has the egg-freezing generation of working women been misled?":

    "(...) Doctors now know that the No. 1 factor affecting a woman's ability to have children as she grows older has to do with eggs. At the moment she is born, a woman has all the eggs she will ever have already in her body. They are finite, and they sit there in the ovaries, aging. Each month, beginning at puberty, a single egg is released. Even in a healthy young woman, the eggs are of varying quality with a certain percentage being flawed in structure or number of chromosomes. That's one reason it can take months or years to get pregnant, and why miscarriage is common.

    Around the age of 35, women confront a "fertility cliff," when the chances of becoming pregnant decline sharply as the eggs decrease in number and quality. By age 40, the average woman has a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant in any given month. By 45, it's 1 percent.

    In an unfortunate and unfair twist of nature, men are believed to replenish their sperm at a rate of 1,500 a second through most of their lives; there are documented cases of men remaining fertile into their 90s. Age also affects the quality of sperm, according to numerous studies. But the effect on fertility is markedly less dramatic than in women.

    "Please don't rely on frozen eggs", says Brigitte Adams, founder of

    "For me, freezing my eggs, and finally owning my own fertility, went hand in hand with telling my story. After six years on ice, I finally decided to stop waiting for Mr. Right and embrace single motherhood. But, I never thought my OWN story would become a nightmare."
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    You cannot just quote an article without adding some topic questions. Please add some topic questions next time

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