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Thread: FamilyTreeDNA is having a "summer event" (SALE) until August 31st, 2018316 days old

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    Default FamilyTreeDNA is having a "summer event" (SALE) until August 31st, 2018


    I signed up for newsletters/emails from FTDNA. I'm too late for this sale. I already did my Family Finder and the mtDNA Full Sequence tests, back when it was expensive. In case anyone reading this is interested in getting tested with Family Tree DNA here is the link I have:

    Here is FTDNA's home page

    Hmm...their newsletter won't let me copy and paste, so I'll type the gist of it.

    $20 Off Family Finder

    $40 Off Y-37 and $150 Off Big Y-500

    $50 Off mtFull Sequence Test

    and save on upgrades

    edit: Although I did the Family Finder I don't have any cousin matches, or relatives, because I wanted my full name to be private. I believe FTDNA shows your full name AND email address to matches.
    23andMe used to let people use initials but today they show your full name, but not your email address. AncestryDNA lets you use initials or an alias, and keeps your email address private (secret).
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