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Thread: Can someone from a multiculti country explain the concept of racial dating - part 2223 days old

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    Question Can someone from a multiculti country explain the concept of racial dating - part 2

    Here is part 1 -

    I started the same thread on Reddit and I got this response (among others) from someone who lives in Philadelphia:

    They assume everyone of a race shares traits that are generally undesirable, and so they don't date them. Pretty simple.
    My response to that was:

    But aren't liberal Western societies, such as Canada, based on a principle that all races, genders, cultures, orientations etc. are the same and you can't assume that all members of a group share an undesirable trait? I mean, if I believed that all members of a race share an undesirable trait, I simply wouldn't let them immigrate to my country - I think it would be more humane than first letting them in but then socially excluding them because of their trait.

    "You can live with us but we will socially exclude you anyway" is worse than "stay away from our country".

    What is the point of "not building a wall" if you are building invisible walls anyway? How is that better than Trump?

    At least Trump is being honest and not a hypocrite with politically correct speech but racist actions.

    Fake politeness and fake PC is something that doesn't exist in Polish culture, as this lady explains (link):

    I will tell you more, fakeness disgusts us, we only care about authenticity and respect authentic people.

    I respect liberal SJWs who genuinely believe in what they preach. But I often dicover they are hypocrites.
    Another user responded to my comment:

    What people say is different from what they do or believe. It is no longer acceptable to say overtly racist things in public or in mixed company.

    But many people's actions, thoughts, and words behind "closed doors" are very much still racist. They often convince themselves it's not racist which makes it more complicated, there is a lot of "debate" about what is racist and what isn't.

    by the way a lot of people don't want to let anyone who is brown into the US. so
    Some other interesting comments included:

    In my country, some parents threaten to disown their children for dating outside of their racial group. One of the stereotypes that are thrown around about one group is that they are "smelly" while another is that they're "lazy". FWIW we're multicultural in the sense that multiple racial groups have been here for decades, but I certainly wouldn't say progressive.

    In America, racism is retarded. People (for the most part, women of all races) are more racist in terms of actions, not language.

    What do you think is more racist? A chick that says "I love fucking N____ers" and actually fucks dark, or a chick that says kind words and wouldn't touch dark with a ten foot pole? Both are kinda racist but the former loses her job, the latter glides scott free.

    I can only think of two big categories off the top of my head. The first is the one the people you're describing fit into, which is just blatant and "intentional" racists. As in, they straight up don't think someone of a race/other races will have/won't have the characteristics they like.

    The second is people that are dealing with how race, culture, and ethnicity overlap. This is probably way more common in the US and other immigration-heavy places. For example, first- and second- generation people will sometimes feel like they're "between" two cultures (say, Chinese and American). As a result, they may find other races attractive and be totally fine with dating them in terms of just their own preferences, but they have had issues with people that don't have experience in their family's culture and so prefer to date people within that culture or at least people who have more experience with it. Only some of those people will be blatant about it, and most probably wouldn't specify it on an online profile since these are people who are very very aware of how unacceptable racism is and have probably experienced a lot of it themselves.

    There are also people out there that like a particular skin color. I don't understand this entirely, but I can think of one or two friends that just seem to have developed a preference for one skin color or another. In many cases this is culturally-embedded racism but I'm not willing to say it's always the cause.

    I do understand not wanting to date people that remind you of your family though, my brother has long, blonde, curly hair and I have never been able to date guys with blonde hair or long hair. I've always assumed it was because it vaguely reminded me of him.

    you must also add the "culture"/"mentality" aspect that affect the personality and behavior, so sometimes people don't want to date a certain ethnic group because of the "stereotypes" (real or perceived) associated with that group; but you got also the opposite, certain persons attracted to certain exotic cultures and that want to date a person from that group because he loves their culture, lifestyle, ...
    These two comments were also interesting:

    I have a friend who doesn't want to date red haired gals.
    Some conservative guys refuse to date blue haired and green haired gals.
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