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Thread: Western Hunter Gatherers couldnt have come from Turkey.226 days old

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    Default Western Hunter Gatherers couldnt have come from Turkey.

    So i was reading the Eurogenes blog and saw this abstract about an upcoming paper.

    The first Epipaleolithic Genome from Anatolia suggests a limited role of demic diffusion in the Advent of Farming in Anatolia

    Feldman et al.

    "Anatolia was home to some of the earliest farming communities, which in the following millennia expanded into Europe and largely replaced local hunter-gatherers. The lack of genetic data from pre-farming Anatolians has so far limited demographic investigations of the Anatolian Neolithisation process. In particular, it has been unclear whether farming was adopted by indigenous hunter-gatherers in Central Anatolia or imported by settlers from earlier farming centers. Here we present the first genome-wide data from an Anatolian Epipaleolithic hunter-gatherer who lived ~15,000 years ago, as well as from Early Neolithic individuals from Anatolia and the Levant. By using a comparative dataset of modern and ancient genomes, we estimate that the earliest Anatolian farmers derive over 90 percent of their ancestry from the local Epipaleolithic population, indicating a high degree of genetic continuity throughout the Neolithic transition. In addition, we detect two distinct waves of gene flow during the Neolithic transition: an earlier one related to Iranian/Caucasus ancestry and a later one linked to the Levant. Finally, we observe a genetic link between Epipaleolithic Near-Easterners and post-glacial European hunter-gatherers that suggests a bidirectional genetic exchange between Europe and the Near East predating 15,000 years ago. Our results suggest that the Neolithisation model in Central Anatolia was demographically similar to the one previously observed in the southern Levant and in the southern Caucasus-Iran highlands, further supporting the limited role of demic diffusion during the early spread of agriculture in the Near East, in contrast to the later Neolithisation of Europe.

    So basically we now know that the Anatolian Neolithic farmers who came to Europe circa 6,000 BC, draw over 90% genetic continuity from late Upper Paleolithic/ Epipaleolithic forgers in Anatolia some 7,000 years earlier in 13,000 BC.

    So if Neolithic Anatolians share over 90% genetic continuity with Epipaleolithic forgers in Anatolia, then how can Western Hunter Gatherers/known as the "villabruna cluster" possibly have come from Anatolia/Turkey? Since obviously they are so very genetically distinct from the Epipaleolithic forgers from Anatolia whom became the Neolithic farmers/EEFs that we know were living in Turkey?

    My guess is the Villabruna Cluster/WHGS 'comes from' and first arose in the Northern Balkans. The WHGs are very phylogenetically distinct from the Anatolian farmers.

    For WHGs/Villabruna to have come from Turkey, they'd have to have been living side by side with the Epipaleolithic Anatolians retaining their genetic distinctiveness and somehow migrated to Europe over 5,000 years before the Neolithic Anatolians did. Can't say I buy that.
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