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Thread: The unique languages of Wallacea aka Eastern Indonesia311 days old

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    Default The unique languages of Wallacea aka Eastern Indonesia

    Bahasa Tanah of my village,Hulaliu in Haruku which is next to Ambon and considered South Central Maluku

    Hio Hio,a famous Moluccan war song.Also Bahasa Tanah

    More examples of Bahasa Tanah,Moluccan Austronesian languages of the Central Malayo Polynesian family

    This is Fataluku,a Papuan language of East Timor

    Tetum rap,Tetum is the national Austronesian language of East Timor.Its the same language family as Bahasa Tanah,Central Malayo Polynesian languages.All and only Wallacean Austronesian languages of Wallacea fall under this branch,but the Austronesian languages of Halmahera fall under yet ANOTHER different branch of Austronesian in its own language family along with West Papuan Austronesian languages which is the North Halamahera/West Papuan Austronesian family.This is not even including the Papuan languages in mostly Halmahera and Timor.But yeah,this language situation is really,really complex in Wallacea.Another Tetum song

    Wallacea really deserves a thread alone for it very unique and complex diversity of languages.Maluku alone is the most diverse region in all of Southeast Asia.

    The Austronesian languages of Wallacea are also the closest Austronesian languages to the Oceanian branches.It is basically intermediate from Malay to Oceanian,but actually has maybe more leaning to Oceanian Austronesian.i was told a story from a Tahitian Moluccan mix in Holland about how his Tahitian and Moluccan grandfathers could mutually understand alot of words in Tahitian and Bahasa Tanah!

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