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Thread: Do you descend from a line of lower or upper class individuals?30 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pioterus View Post
    The difference here is that this strata mixing has been forced in a way, like a marriage at the point of a gun. My "noble born" grandmother had to "hide" herself in the post-German territories of North-Eastern Poland. It was where she met my grandfather. I suppose she decided, it was better for her health to marry a "peasant", to be out of the "suspicious bourgeoisie" list. Being on such list meant for the secret police, that you were on "kill-on-sight or arrest - torture - rape (if woman or torture more if man) - interrogate - torture..." routine.
    Secondly North-Eastern Poland lagged behind in Secret Police operations, they were like 5 years behind in realizing Tovarish Stalin purges.
    So it seems my grandmother decided to better be safe than sorry and went for "double cover"

    My paternal grandmother only chance, of surviving the gulag/ Siberia, was to marry this 3 years younger than herself teenager, who was sent for frozen tomb with his "terrorist Father" (who was visiting Siberia for the second time in 1940, this time courtesy of a neighbour who denounced him as a "hero" of Polish-Bolshevik war of 1919-21). Once the teenager hit the age of conscription he could enlist for 2nd Polish Army in USSR and with this Army there was a chance, slight but realistic, to flee from the frozen tundra to Poland.

    So it happens that both my grandfathers, of rather lower strata, married two "Noble born girls" and their main obligation as husbands, was to save them from certain death in rather unpleasant circumstances
    In Finland the Siberia was only a bad dream after 1917. Of course during the war POW's were sent to Siberia, because commies cared little about international laws. During Czars only Finnish criminals were sent to Siberia. In Finland stratum mixing during the Swedish era happened because the population of Great Sweden was too small to contribute all wars and Swedish army needed during war peasants as part-time soldiers. Peasants were relative free and sometimes richer as nobles, lol. They could also change occupation easily, although it depended much on situation. In many cases sons of peasants studied in universities (Turku, Upsala or Tartu during the 17th century).

    I didn't know that the Gremlin grip was so tight also in Poland. My friend visited Gdansk a month ago and there is a war museum where you have also a Finnish department. Great!
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    Three simple facts about Finns:
    1. Baltic Finnic languages (including Finnish) never came from the Volga basin along with ancestors of present-day Finns.
    2. Finnish I1 (around 30% of all Finns) has Germanic roots from the late Bronze Age or the early Iron Age.
    3. As to the Finnish prehistory we have no evidences about any Iron Age (or later) east-to-west migration, but many unquestionable evidences about west-to-east migrations.

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