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Thread: Pennsylvania Dutch Eurogenes K15 Average146 days old

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    Default Pennsylvania Dutch Eurogenes K15 Average

    The Pennsylvania Dutch (aka Pennsylvania Germans) are a people of Southeastern Pennsylvania who descend from Southwestern German immigrants of the early to mid 1700s.

    I used 5 kits to make this sample (which is all I could find)

    All were at least 75% PA Dutch, three of them were 100% PA Dutch, and the others were 7/8 and 25/32 PA Dutch with the rest from the British Isles or elsewhere in Germany. It wasn't ideal, but it was the best I could do, and most PA Dutch have distant British anyway, so it all evens out in the end.

    North Sea: 32.06
    Atlantic: 23.02
    Baltic: 11.58
    Eastern Euro: 8.27
    West Med: 12.36
    West Asian: 3.01
    East Med: 8.04
    Red Sea: 0.34
    South Asian: 0.45
    Amerindian: 0.15
    Oceanian: 0.44
    Sub-Saharan: 0.27

    The last 5 components are probably just noise, and the K15 components not listed had nothing at all in them.

    This average plots slightly NW of West Germans, probably due to minor British admixture in the PA Dutch.

    I'd love for Eurogenes to do an academic sample of people with 4 PA Dutch grandparents. (And who are no more than 1/8 non-German on a deeper ancestral level)

    Here is the K15 PCA plot with the PA Dutch (and Ancient Egyptians) added

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