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Thread: Hair length on women6 days old

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    Default Hair length on women

    One subject I find interesting is... hair length on women.

    Personally... on women... I like their hair length below shoulders, at their shoulders, or short enough where all the skin on the back of their neck is visible.

    Too long doesn't look good. Too short doesn't look good. I wouldn't want a woman's hair length to go all the way down to their backside. I wouldn't want a woman to have a crew cut. There also comes a point where... when a woman's hair is too short... they start to lose some of their feminine appearance. Sure, in my opinion, their hair can be so short as to show all the skin on the back of their neck, but no crew cut please. Not on a woman.

    I know that many men in America, they would prefer a woman's hair at least to shoulder length. But I've seen plenty of women with shorter hair length, and they looked good. A lot of women with short hair look cute.

    What are your thoughts on this subject? If you're a man... when it comes to dating a woman... are there any hair lengths "off limits"? I am a straight male, and like I said, I would not prefer too long or a crew cut. I am not entirely sure if these two latter things would stop me from dating a woman I liked, but I have my preferences.

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