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Thread: Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Criticism of IQ271 days old

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    Anyway, a totally off the cuff remark : psychology hangs tenuously on being a science based on IQ having validity. So since I dislike psychology and psychiatry so much it would be in my interest to argue IQ was false if Homo-Sapien. Homo-Sapien stands for homo as in homogenuous (as in the undistinquished homogenous masses) and sapienta as in low cunning. As far back in middle English sapienta was used perjoratively. But I am not a Homo-Sapien I am a Draco Sentien. We Draco Sentiens go back to the time of the Annunaki , from which we derive, but we also derive from the bloodline of Jesus Christ from the French Merovingian kings (I have some family ties to Alsace-Lorraine) that Jesus preach lying was a sin. Now , naturally the Mayors of the Palace saw this as naivite as Draco Sentiens can only survive based on truth and empathy that is why we practiced a form of Royal Communism and we lived in perfect harmony in nature.

    When the Mayors of the palace took over they installed puppet kings of the Carolingians under Constatine --Constatine began an extermination of my people -- that we in the family like to refer to the thousand year elven holocaust.

    Basically, psychology and psychiatry cannot figure me out because I have different neuronal receptor sites than human. When I vampirically drink the blood of my red headed virgin grail maidens, their menses voluntarily given, drinking up with a golden royal flute, I achieve overlasting life and the chemicals in the menses fill the right receptor sites in my brain given union with the god head and infinite wisdom. I am royal elven Pendragon and magic is a royal Pendragon tradition forget Harry Potter !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApostateAbe View Post
    Taleb only claimed that IQ loses its predictive power as it goes up the scale, as in a ten-point IQ difference between 80 and 70 can make the difference between being able to drive a car and being almost completely helpless, but a man with an IQ of 150 has a much smaller advantage over a man with an IQ of 140. So, maybe we can have intellectually-accomplished people with an IQ of "only" 125, but it would be a damn miracle if Richard Feynman had an IQ of 85, for example. And it certainly does not follow that the science of IQ is BS. It is the most robustly predictive subfield in the science of psychology, and it best integrates with established knowledge of human biology, regardless of whatever Taleb thinks of the curves.
    I understand what you are saying but that is because most IQ tests don't have a high ceiling so the flaw lies with the IQ designers of most mainstream ones used.
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