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Thread: Both Islam and Christianity are equally stupid. Buddhism and Zoroastrianism are superior.266 days old

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    Default Both Islam and Christianity are equally stupid. Buddhism and Zoroastrianism are superior.

    This is a continuation of this thread. However, in this thread, I will explain why both Islam and Christianity are stupid compared to Mahayana Buddhist texts like Diamond and Platform Sutras and also Zoroastrianism's Gathas. Note, I have read two translations of Gathas, though I plan to read more. The Gathas is ~3000 years old.

    The problem with Christianity is that we are told the sacrifice of Christ is the most pivotal moment in all of history. Jesus is considered more holy and sanctified than other sages or good men. Jesus is the "Incarnation of God" whereby no one can ever live up too. This means that even if you came across one of the most compassionate, wise men in your life, he or she cannot compared to the ontological uniqueness of Jesus. One is to revere Jesus above Infinity, the beauty or splendor of nature or happy wildlife, or even one's own mind. Liberation is found through the faith of Jesus, which is external to one's mind.

    The problem with Islam is the inflexibility of Sharia and its constant demeaning of unbelievers. Unlike Christians, Muslims are not encouraged to "turn the other cheek" and always vie to impose Sharia law on their host country. Liberation is found only through strict adherence to Sharia, which involves treating non-believers very disrespectfully and oppressing minorities. Muhammad was a savage, and we see this expressed in the Koran too within many places. Liberation is found through strict adherence to batshit insane Sharia, which is external to one's mind and considered co-eternal with God.

    The reason Buddhism is superior is because one is taught to meditate, get solitude in natural scenery, and be compassionate daily. Thus, one is lead to the liberation of his or her own mind, or Buddh-nature. One's true nature is found entirely within one's mind and not through any external guide, which Bodhidharma made clear. The teachings are treated like a raft to guide one towards self-realization and then disregarded for others to use. Every sentient being has a potential to tacitly apprehend and penetrate their Buddha-nature, thereby awakening their Buddha-hood, and this means liberation is found solely via one's own mind.

    Zoroastrianism is like a more sensible Christianity without the Jesus worship. God has two set paths, the path of Asha (honesty, truth, "Good purpose") and Druj (deceit, lie, "Bad purpose"). Irrespective of one's religious affiliation, people are encouraged to pick the path of righteousness over the path of evil. Therefore, the choice between good and evil is solely through the discernment of one's mind. Zarathustra never called himself a God, unlike that megalomaniac rabbi, and he also was no madman like Muhammad, and instead he merely pointed the path between good and evil.

    In short, the reason Buddhism and Zoroastrianism are superior to both Christianity and Islam is because they place more emphasis on the individual's means towards salvation/awakening.

    @EliasAlucard , I am interested in your thoughts.
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