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Thread: place this young woman159 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meygaag View Post
    Thread:Place this women

    Me:I think she looks Indo-Iranian/Gypsy

    You: WtF mAN YOU don'T KNoW shiT.wE kURdS lOoK DiFfrENt

    Me:You're a bitch

    The only delusional guy here is the 33 year old big headed Kurdish guy who is constantly begging Europeans.I don't hate stop projecting your insecurities on to others.I'm out so don't bother quoting me with your ethnic nationalist temper tantrums again
    I was just informing you because you were talking nonsense . I didnt attack you nor did I insult you . you are out of line for no reason

    how am I "begging europeans" ? ....haha what . it's all in your head . dont worry though you are not alone . I noticed that there are some people in forums who make their own movie in their head and believe in it and project shit on other people .

    I am not taking the bait btw. . it is obvious that you are trying to trigger me . it must suck to be you tbh

    btw. I said fuck off . what is not to understand about it ? fuck off dude
    Kurdish People Gallery -

    bronze age modelling g25 :

    "fit": 2.4371,

    "Greek_Crete": 70.83,
    "IRN_Ganj_Dareh_N": 25.83,
    "Oroqen": 2.5,
    "Karitiana": 0.83,
    "Simulated_AASI": 0,


    "fit": 2.5743,

    "Iranian_Mazandarani": 62.5,
    "Greek_Crete": 37.5,

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