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Thread: My and my family's DNA results with phenotype commentary154 days old

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    Default My and my family's DNA results with phenotype commentary

    I'm mostly German and English according to both paper trail and DNA testing. 23andMe and AncestryDNA have gotten better at identifying German in the last year, and my latest test results -- as well as my mother's and maternal grandmother's -- reflect this update.

    Not everyone can "see" this per phenotype analysis, and I've occasionally gotten some harsh comments here and elsewhere from ethnic "purists" based on that, while my husband has gotten much more favorable comments despite not actually being pure European (lol; more on that in a little). Shows how biased and unobjective people can be.

    At any rate, here are my family phenotypes:

    Person 1, up above, is a favorite uncle of my mother's; he actually became her stepdad when her dad divorced her mother (this was to protect family honor in the '40s and '50s).

    The others posted in this thread: person 2 is her dad. Person 3 is my mother herself, who got her 23andMe results in 2014 before her passing last year (her mother, my maternal grandmother, also got her results that year before passing in 2015, so I'm able to tell what my mother got from her, as well as what she got from her paternal side through process of elimination). Person 4 is my dad. Person 5 is my husband, and person 6 is me.

    Mother and I (and others who have seen person 1) often wondered about any Jewish ancestry because of his dark complexion and nose, but she herself tested 0% for Ashkenazi, and nearly 70% German per 23andMe. Person 1's paper trail was Volga German from Reinhard, Russia, as was her entire paternal line. Their surname, Bolger (probably a corruption of Bollinger, and not to be confused with the Irish surname), has been traced back to the Hornbach/Zweibrücken region of Germany:

    Person 2, then, is also highly Germanic, since that is her dad, and her uncle and dad would have the same basic ancestry results given the same parentage (their mother's surname, Wiegel, is another Volga German name traced back to the Volga German colony of Gnadendorf).

    Person 3, my mother, as stated before, is nearly 70% German on 23andMe, even moreso than her own mother, who came out just under 40% German (her mother, my maternal grandmother, had a paternal line that was mostly German, but her own maternal line was less so -- her mother also had significant Norwegian ancestry, and Central/Southeastern European ancestry, as her own maternal grandmother, a Hutterite, left a Hutterite colony and married a man from Norway).

    Person 4 is my dad. He's your classic Northeastern American colonial English/Irish hybrid, with English predominating (only his mother's line has some Irish paper trail). Over 50% British/Irish on 23andMe. There also seems to be some French on his mother's side, accounting for a generic and nonspecific French/German ancestry that has hovered between 10-20% throughout five years on 23andMe. Some Swedish as well, solidified through paper trail, but not specifically mentioned on 23andMe in the Scandinavian result (it shows up for me as 2% on AncestryDNA).

    Person 5 is my husband, who always got very favorable comments on the phenotype guessing forums. He's even more English than my dad, over 70% British/Irish, with English again predominating. His father's line, interestingly, also has small Sub-Saharan ancestry, with him and almost all his paternal cousins possessing between 0.1-1% of Nigerian or Gambian/Sierra Leonean ancestry, most inheriting between 0.4 and 0.6 percent (my own husband just 0.1% per the recent update; he used to show 0%). They appear to have owned slaves at some point in Missouri per my research, which probably explains those results. (My own family has no background relating to slavery or African ancestry, being predominantly recent German immigrants who settled the upper Midwest on my mother's side, and Northeastern American on my father's side.)

    Person 6 is me. I'm between 30-50% German and English per 23andMe and AncestryDNA, with smaller amounts of Scandinavian and Eastern European remaining, primarily from the maternal grandmother's line. German slightly predominates because my mother is more German (almost 70%) than my dad is English/Irish (50-60%).

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    hi I remember you from AS

    all of you fit as northwest and central europeans
    Kurdish People Gallery -

    bronze age modelling g25 :

    "fit": 2.4371,

    "Greek_Crete": 70.83,
    "IRN_Ganj_Dareh_N": 25.83,
    "Oroqen": 2.5,
    "Karitiana": 0.83,
    "Simulated_AASI": 0,


    "fit": 2.5743,

    "Iranian_Mazandarani": 62.5,
    "Greek_Crete": 37.5,

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