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Thread: Mong supremacy52 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yyy View Post
    Dart initiated the concept of a Boskop physical type in 1923, after a preliminary study of the poorly fossilized Zitzikama remains, which are undoubted Bush-Hottentot remains found with their recognized cultural associations.
    I managed to track down an obscure report dealing with the Zitzikama population Singer called “undoubted Bush-Hottentot”.

    A preliminary report on some strandloper skulls found in Zitzikama

    As suspected, the Zitzikama people are too heterogeneous to be a considered an unmixed population. Laing’s comments about admixtures in the Zitzikama that helped shape the Khoisan population as we know it, seem very reasonable. But to say that seems taboo now in this confabulation climate where anomalous finds (e.g. Boskop) can be explained as “in situ variation” or “microevolution”. The way I see it, these explanations are just verbal sleight of hand (they cannot be falsified or proven without DNA). And as I said previously, it’s no surprise to begin with, that some of Boskop’s measurements fit in some southern African samples.

    But thanks for the Singer paper. Even though I disagree with Singer and his methods, it’s good to know why the Boskop mania stopped suddenly. Apparently, Singer helped create this PC climate in physical anthropology with his influential paper. But Singer never proved his conjecture adequately. The many aDNA reports coming out now show consistently that time-successive groups are generally different. They are not “micro-evolved” version of each other. SHG, for instance, is not a Mesolithic Viking. It wouldn't prove anything if four SHG measurements would fit in modern Scandinavians. So why would it be any different in southern Africa? Why would Boskop be a Palaeolithic Khoisan?

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