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Thread: Who is/isn't a North African?180 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsarcastic View Post

    Can y'all seriously take this shit in here???

    Y'all derailing the thread at this point. If you wanna discuss whether you think the chick is sardinian or not, or whether the moroccan chick looks like your average brazilian pardo. Do that in HERE, not in a thread about "aesthetically ideal phenotypes."


    Speak for coastal maghrebis and only coastal maghrebis. You shouldn't even be lumping yourself in with coastal egyptians, so try not to hijack the term---"north Africa" is a wide ranging region, it doesn't mean what you think it means, especially with regards to the people you solely associate as "north african." There's a reason I avoid even speaking on north moroccans (as I am not from there, and do not wish to speak on a group that have less to do with me).

    The fact is, coastal egyptians are probably on average darker than north moroccans, despite sometimes having very low sub-saharan. That's because of the higher southwest asian.

    ^These folk probably have low sub-saharan, but are still darker than many rifians. That's because y'all carry higher iberian, and they're essentially pleistocene hunter-gatherer and neolithic/post-neolithic west asian (especially peninsular lineages). If you didn't have that iberian, you'd be dark too.

    And I purposely avoided egyptians with pseudo mulatto-y phenotypes so you guys wouldn't bring up sub-saharan lineages. Quit equating darker skin tones with ONLY sub-saharan ancestry. Especially for isolates like sardinians, or north africans who ALL carry southwest asian ancestry.

    @Celph Titled

    Try not to get too triggered dude. It's an anthroforum, none of this is meant to be taken too strongly to heart. People can get on your nerves at times (if they don't necessarily share the same opinion as you), but R-E-L-A-X (seriously---it ain't that deep).

    Now pretty please, with sugar on top, quit posting in that other thread unless it relates to the subject matter.

    She still can't pass she has different features i'm not talking specifically about her skin color here she looks more like a latina but she can't be sardinian imo

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