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Thread: Persian mythological aesthetics has nothing in common with Arabian.151 days old

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    Default Persian mythological aesthetics has nothing in common with Arabian.

    A lot of people think Persian pre-Islamic aesthetics resembles Arabian stuff due to crappy video games like Prince of Persia. This is false. Read the Shahnameh and you'd see it has more in common with Indo-European myths rather than Arabian stuff. However, of course, there is something in Persian Pre-Islamic myths that do make it atmospherically and mythically unique.

    Here is a good animated film that captures Pre-Islamic Zoroastrian aesthetics well:

    I would say the video game Dark Souls I also resembles Zoroastrian aesthetics in many regards, but the game inverts it to make Ahriman stronger than Ohrmazd. I could also explain the parallels if anyone finds this unbelievable.
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