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Thread: Why don't white racists protest against white on white crime and pedophiles in their community?6 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arch Hades View Post
    Well I think Jews are White. At least the non Mizrahi Jews. They look White too me.
    This tiny group? Descendants of Babylonian Jews from modern Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan, Syrian Jews, Yemenite Jews, Georgian Jews, Mountain Jews from Dagestan and Azerbaijan, Persian Jews from Iran, Bukharan Jews from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It also includes Maghrebi Jews from Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco who lived in North Africa prior to the arrival of Sephardim.

    I think white is such a blurry term, it could be accurate but at the same time very inaccurate. Of course the term Jew has it's own similar issues. When you start trying to define it. The Jews from the bible looked diverse even within the same family. Jacob and Essau comes to mind.

    I would agree that most jews are caucasoid. It doesn't necessarily mean they're as light-skinned as the average English, French, Polish, Scandinavian. They're all white caucasoids. Meanwhile they have as many similarities as differences they shouldn't held accountable equally because they look similar or are related.

    Europe's history are filled with culture wars rather than a single white evil entity. And Europe has always had border hopping heebs that been able to assimilate when needed but kept their revolutionary spirit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beyoku View Post
    As far as I am concerned "Jews"........The jews I am talking about..... are white too.
    You are just exposing the criminality of another white group.
    Im cool with Jews, just as I am cool with other white folks.
    Yep they were involved in the Slave Trade.
    Yep some Indians and even some blacks owned slaves too.

    Yall still have criminals. Yall have some of the biggest criminal enterprises in the world.
    To say "Blacks commit the most crime" while we Blacks are stolen property, on stolen land, sitting on the bones of millions of Indians with millions of more African bones in the ocean is absurd.
    It highlights the absurdity of white racism.
    It exposes the delusion, the fragility and exactly why racism is a mental disease:

    Racist whites will kill half the population of the world then sit back and talk about they are angels.
    Dylan roof shot up a damn church full of old ladies THEN GOT MAD when they called him a monster... "Dont call me a Monster, i am not a monster". The delusion and mental gymnastics of white racism is out of this world. Yall mofos start entire WORLD WARS!! Talking about "we are peaceful."

    We Peaceful Angels.

    This is symptomatic of what's wrong with the way a lot of blacks think. Blacks engage in a massively disproportionate amount of criminal, violent behaviour, they create violent, crime-ridden communities and dysfunctional broken families. When this is pointed out to them and it's suggested that maybe they should behave more like whites or better yet Asians, they respond with 'but what about slavery? What about world wars? Y'all commit way more crime than us.. we don't commit the most crimes, you do'.... Then they think to themselves 'ha I won that won, I put that cracker in his place'. And then they just carry on as before, committing a massively disproportionate amount of violent crime, ruining their communities and families, and nothing changes.

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