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Thread: Skeletal affinities of the earliest Horners in Ethiopia and Somalia153 days old

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    Default Skeletal affinities of the earliest Horners in Ethiopia and Somalia

    The early Holocene deposits at Lake Besaka and Buur Heybe have provided the earliest evidence in the Horn of intentional human burial. At the site of FeJx 2 at Lake Besaka the incomplete remains of five human skeletons were found buried in Abadir Phase sediments alongside an irregular pile of stones, with the most complete specimen composed of he upper half of the body only. No evidence of carnivore activity could be observed, while many of the bones were burnt (Clark and Williams 1978). However, no cut marks or any other indication of cannibalism was discovered, while the texture of the bones indicated they were probably surrounded by flesh when buried (Dechant and Crader t982). Of particular interest was a fragment of a human long bone through which a hole approximately 6 mm in diameter had been intentionally drilled as if for suspension (McCown n.d.). Needless to say', 'some unusual burial custom' is suggested (Clark and Williams 1978:37). No evidence of grave goods was found in direct association with the burials, although two bone tubes and a cache of over thirty gastropod shetls pierced as if for suspension were found next to the stone pile
    Morphological features of the crania indicate Negroid affinities and can best be compared to the Sudanese skeletons ofJebel Sahaba and Wadi Halfa (McCown rod.).

    For many years the only prehistoric human skeletal evidence from Somalia was the highly fragmentary remains of at least two individuals recovered during World War II by workmen digging a trench at the Rifle Range Site, Buur Hakaba (Clark I954:251). The 1983 and 1985 excavations at Gogoshiis Qabe have now yielded 12 complete human burials from the Holocene deposits, bones of three of which have been ~4C dated to the early Holocene (Brandt in prep.). One individual dating to 6900 + 350 bp (Beta-7474) on the organic fraction and 5210 + 90 bp on apatite (Beta-7473) was buried on his stomach, with at least thirteen comptete sets of lesser kudu horn cores, still attached to the frontiers, placed directly over the body. A man and a woman dating to 5225 _+ 280 bp (UCLA-2705C) on the organic fraction were buried side by side and a pile of stones placed directly over them. Preliminary morphological analysis of these and the other skeletons (L. A. Schepartz pets. comm.; Brand t and Schepartz in prep.) indicates the presence ofa regionalIy distinct population at this time, aithough affinities with the late Pleistocene/early Holocene Sudanese and Kenya Rift Valley populations are suggested.

    African Archaeological Review

    December 1986, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp 41–82 |

    The Upper Pleistocene and early Holocene prehistory of the Horn of Africa
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