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Thread: Charles Murray on why you should take religion seriously38 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arch Hades View Post
    It's seems to me that the Buddhists believe in the conception of God that I believe in. Most of their metaphysical principles are derived from the Hindus anyway.


    AMONG the many critical opinions which are passed upon Buddhism by Christian or Western scholars, there are two which stand out most conspicuously and most persistently. One of them declares that Buddhism is a religion which denies the existence of the soul, and the other that it is atheistic or at best pantheistic, which latter term implies what is practically tantamount to the rejection of a God, that is, a personal God as believed in by the Christians. The object of this discourse is to see to what extent the second criticism is, if at all, justifiable. In other words, I propose here to elucidate the Buddhist conception of God. At the outset, let me state that Buddhism is not atheistic as the term is ordinarily understood. It has certainly a God, the highest reality and truth, through which and in which this universe exists. However, the followers of Buddhism usually avoid the term God, for it savors so much of Christianity, whose spirit is not always exactly in accord with the Buddhist interpretation of religious experience. Again, Buddhism is not pantheistic in the sense that it identifies the universe with God. On the other hand, the Buddhist God is absolute and transcendent; this world, being merely its manifestation, is necessarily fragmental and imperfect. To define more exactly the Buddhist notion of the highest being, it may be convenient to borrow the term very happily coined by a modern German scholar, "panentheism," according to which God is πᾶν καὶ ἕν (all and one) and more than the totality of existence.

    It is fundamentalists Christians whom have claimed they are Atheist. But the fundamentalists called Spinoza a Pantheist an Atheist....he was not. THey called they called the Deists "Atheists". They were not. I have been slandered as an Atheist by different believers. But I am not. It's just their concept of God is something very different from the generic and arguably more primitive Abrahamic concept of God. But you'd be surprised how many Christian and Muslim and Jewish philosophers and metaphysicians start getting eerily similar to the Eastern conceptions of God when they discuss him.
    Aquinas, Avicenna, Maimonides, etc.
    Zen Buddhism borrowed ideas from native Chinese religions. IMO I see Chinese religious ideas reflected in his statement. I think we should be really careful with any religious practitioner belonging to one sect, who speaks for the entire religion.

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