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Thread: why do ssa people (especially aframs) have such great voices ?30 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daven View Post
    Yeap. I haven't heard of Salsa making there at some point. I know Merengue and Bachata was a thing with Juan Luis Guerra in the early 90s and then again (for Merengue) with Wilfrido Vargas, Proyecto Uno and Ilegales in the mid part of the decade (Wilfrido and Proyecto were more like a one hit wonders though). Urban Bachata had some success there too recently but it didn't stick out. Also, don't forget about Cuban music back before Fidel. It was really big.

    Chileans seem to not be into Salsa that much neither. In Viña del Mar Festival the majority of the Tropical artists invited have been Merengue ones. Marc Anthony is the only Salsa singer I remember and he did it very recently (2009). Celia Cruz too and again did it not that long ago (2000). Johnny Ventura, Juan Luis, Wilfrido, etc. were all invited in the 1980s when that Festival was more respected.
    I agree most of South America with exceptions to Colombia, Venezuela and some Peruvians, salsa isn’t that popular. It’s a very Caribbean genre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celph Titled View Post
    True but at the same time, my maternal side of the family comes from Veracruz and salsa is a big thing there, a lot bigger than banda, corridos and all that other regional mexican music (except for rancheras and mariachi), in fact, I started to listen to regional mexican music a few years ago because I never grew up listening to that, no one in my family did

    Like I explain to Daven, my family is from Veracruz, there have been salsa songs dedicated to Veracruz
    there are salsa festivals in Veracruz, while none on regional mexican music
    and lastly, Celia Cruz like other Cuban salseros got their career started in Mexico not elsewhere
    There are tons of salsa songs dedicated to various places, people and things. It’s just isn’t popular in Mexico.

    I would love to visit Veracruz though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daven View Post
    If that was the case then why Jewish, Gypsys, etc. never developed such talent?

    Like I mentioned before, it could be a combination of both culture and more ability to develop great vocals. The potential (factor genetics/morphological) for other Blacks outside the USA is there but since culture (factor environment) is not present for them they won't develop their talent. Coño I hope I make sense. Your point is quite interesting to think about though. It makes some sense. Maybe Blacks are more invest into singing that other discriminated groups and that's why.
    They do! Some of my favorite Jewish singers

    Amy Winehouse RIP


    Burt Bacharach and Barbara Streisand

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