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Thread: Detroit: Black guy beats White guy to death after car accident90 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by DracoSentien View Post
    Alright, no big deal I made a hasty mistake because I refuse to watch a cartoon at the age of 41 years old. Susan Jacoby wrote a book called "The Age of American Unreason" documenting why American culture is anti-intellectual. One of the reasons she said is the triumph of video culture over text culture (books and periodicals). I refuse to accept video propaganda as a form of argument.

    Anyway, I can prove the racists are right in just once sentence and youtube banning all racist videos recently just solidifies my point.

    My proof stems from the fact that racial matters are never genuinely debated today, because the only thing you ever see in the major media is the politically-correct 'anti-racist' viewpoint. The 'other side' is never allowed to make its case, ie, THE 'RACIST' SIDE IS SUPPRESSED. And you sure as hell can't have a debate about race if one of the sides is never allowed to speak. So here is the one-sentence proof that the 'racists' are right:

    THERE IS NO REASON TO SUPPRESS A VIEWPOINT UNLESS IT IS TRUE, because a false viewpoint can easily be combatted with facts and logic, while truth cannot be combatted except by lies which are vulnerable to refutation.

    Or to put it another way, the 'racist' view HAS to be suppressed, because if it weren't, MOST PEOPLE WOULD BECOME 'RACISTS'!

    He has no point. If police overpoliced China town in Manhattan Asian crime would barely jump up in the statistics (New York state statistics) and would not equal black crime. They might bust some massage parlors giving happy endings but more likely they would be corrupted by them and use them for happy endings. As we are both Libertarians you have to agree with me that prostitution should not be illegal because it is a victimless crime. They might also bust some illegal fireworks sales but fireworks should not be illegal either.

    Racial profiling : the use of cops of the well known statistic that blacks commit a lot more crime than whites.

    It is obvious this is the scale of crime given the demographics in order of most criminal to least :

    1) Blacks

    2.) Hispanics

    3.) Whites

    4.) Asians
    Chinatown is not overly policed. Perhaps you could have used parts of midtown and lower Manhattan (which are certainly more policed than the former) as an example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApostateAbe View Post
    "The guy in the video says that racists claim that white Americans have an IQ of 100 and black Americans have an IQ of 70..."

    No, the man in the video said that "black Africans" have an average IQ of 70, so he deserves credit for that.

    His hypothesis is that overpolicing and police bias account for the racial crime differences. It is a common theory, but the only way to reconcile it with the fact that black victims of violent crime are overrepresented just as much as black arrestees and black convicts is to just completely ignore it, which he did. I took that counterpoint to be common among racists. Have you not heard that counterpoint? See this search in DuckDuckGo for example, and tell me what you think.
    I watched a little bit more of the video and he says that racism is based on pseudo-science except what he says is pseudo-science probably based on Franz Boasian anthropology and John Locke's Tabula Rasa ideology (I dunno I refuse to really watch the video in depth). He says that IQ is not based on phenotypical expression but that is misleading since race is more than just skin color etc... also, the studies on not complete yet genes for IQ by race probably because there is no incentive for scientists to be politically incorrect.

    Who are you going to trust Franz Boasian social sciences or hard sciences biology ?

    Franz Boas vs James Watson :

    "I am inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours, whereas all the testing says, not really.” -- James Watson (founding father of modern genetics and Nobel prize winner).

    I am not sure if what I am saying about his ideology is correct. If you want you can give me his sources to look at. He said he would give them at the end of the video. I can't watch cartoon leftist propaganda. I have no stomach for it. I can read books and periodicals on it , though. Video is inherently anti-intellectual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quimbara View Post
    Chinatown is not overly policed. Perhaps you could have used parts of midtown and lower Manhattan (which are certainly more policed than the former) as an example.
    You have reading comprehension problems. I said 'if chinatown was overpoliced' I was giving a hypothetical. There was on old study done when the Chinese where still oppressed in America. It was based in California. The Chinese community was suffering from terberculosis and the were very poor and they committed less crimes than white people. I can't find the study now.

    Also, I am a real New Yorker and I know Times Square is not the real New York but I spent a lot of time there doing business with tourists like 6 months to a year ago. The police were there with M16 machine guns. The only problem I saw there during the whole time was a fight between black people. Everyone else was well behaved. Plus the black people kept trying to sell me weed and cocaine.

    The only people to randomly punch me were black teens. They did it twice and I almost got setup to be stabbed twice by blacks. A black security guard in a Duane Read started beef with me for no reason etc.. etc..
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    Eurogenes K15 on steroids via DIYdodecad and more samples etc... via Admixture Studio v1.4 :

    Using 1 populations approximation
    1 100% Southwest_English @ 4.152

    Mix-mode :
    1 75.59% Orcadian + 24.41% East_German @ 2.375 ; Orcadian is NorthEast Scottish e.g. Celtic + Viking

    Using 4 populations approximation
    1 25% East_German + 25% Hinxton3 (ancient England) + 25% Orcadian + 25% Southwest_English @ 2.246

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    Quote Originally Posted by beyoku View Post
    Dylan Roof Ran into a Church and shot up some old black ladies.
    This kid stabbed a black man just cause he was black not too long ago.
    This guy recently slit a black kid throat cause he was scared by negro music.
    This guy recently shot a black man because black mans fireworks startled his dog.
    These people killed, maimed, beat, raped, and worked to death these people for nearly 300 years..
    Quote Originally Posted by beyoku View Post
    People with this mindset have a skewed sense of history.....both past and present.
    One minute they are spamming "what about black on black crime......a second later dont think a guy like this doesn't already have some skeletons under his belt? These people live in an alternative reality where they are a perpetual victim.

    @~Elizabeth~ If he wanted to kill him simply "because he was white" he would have just pulled him over prior to the accident and done so. If Black folks wanted to indiscriminately kill random white folks you wouldn't even exist.
    I thought you guys weren't going to reply to the racists anymore,looks like the white man is not letting your ignore button work.

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