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Thread: How would Ali Abdelaziz fit into ancient Egypt?6 days old

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    I've never heard horner men mentioning or even discussing African women.The solution to these tensions between the Afro-Asiatic peoples of Africa and the rest is segregation and separation between us in the West and on the continent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meygaag View Post
    We've already started fucking your women Finnish pussy boy.Perhaps you are angry because your sister just recently converted and married a Somali man

    Somali youngster with a Finnish mother

    I'm dead. This guy really just highlighted a mixed Horner! What the matter, couldn't find a full one? The only one you could find with a Finnish women looked nothing like other Horners. Embarrassing. I bet an Omotic men could have done better.

    Meanwhile, black men are taking away Norwegian princesses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HabariTess View Post
    I'm dead. This guy really just highlighted a mixed Horner! What the matter, couldn't find a full one? The only one you could find with a Finnish women looked nothing like other Horners. Embarrassing. I bet an Omotic men could have done better.

    Meanwhile, black men are taking away Norwegian princesses.
    That kids father was Somali...Slow ass chimp.

    Even black men don't want black women

    - - - Updated - - -

    Horner men are very happy with our god given beautiful women.We have no need to chase Eurasian women unlike your men who are abandoning you as single mothers for exotic/mixed women

    Horner women > Black African women
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meygaag View Post
    That kids father was Somali...Slow ass chimp.

    Even black men don't want black women

    - - - Updated - - -

    Horner men are very happy with our god given beautiful women.We have no need to chase Eurasian women unlike your men who are abandoning you as single mothers for exotic/mixed women

    Horner women > Black African women
    Suurre they do. It not like the Weekend is dating horner chicks. No he is very happy with horner women.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HabariTess View Post
    Suurre they do. It not like the Weekend is dating horner chicks. No he is very happy with horner women.

    99% of Horner men are with Horner women and probably with a woman from their specific ethnic group.

    Black men don't seem to respect you the way we love our women.Did you not say that you dated white men before? Is it because the black men you rub your clit too show you no love but are running after latinas or mixed women like Ayesha Curry? Caaajiiib

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    Finally got home(late work). Long day but managed to type this up before going to bed. Mind you it didn't take me four whole days. lol. Like I said I was going to take everyone's advise and leave this cesspool of a thread. However, this wormed brain filthy barefoot Galla has been begging me to give him my undivided attention. Unlike this raw eater I'm not going to be posting cute pictures about how pathetic his people are. No that's elementary crap. No I'm going to be posting real data for why his people are filth. Probably one of the most pathetic in East Africa or perhaps Africa as a whole. I'm going to show him and others why I truly pity the Oromo people. He should've learned that I am not Meygaag... But it's too late for that. And trust me Waaq(and I mean it) this is going to hurt me more than you.

    I'm going to take my time cooking you like steak resting. A concept that your savage ethnic group knows little about. Lets go through now shall we?

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post

    Nope. I am going to have fun with you like in the good ol' days when whitey used to whip and own you sugar cane cutting ex slave with european ydna via slave massa rape
    lol. Funny pictures. I admit you Horn of African trolls online have a funny sense of humor. Most be a Cushite thing specially. But lets go by facts. Waaq the raw eating savage likes to poke for at New World Blacks for being slaves. In foreign lands that were foreign to our ancestors.

    While your Amharas were going around raping your women while your men watched and cutting off their breasts. Not in foreign lands but in your own ancestral lands of Oromia.

    The Habasha (Ethiopian) colonial government targeted Oromo women by cutting their breasts, raping, terrorizing, torturing and killing them. All of these crimes against humanity have been committed on Oromo women to commit genocide on Oromo society. Currently, the agents of the Meles regime are frequently raping Oromo women and young girls in an attempt to demoralize and destroy the Oromo people. The soldiers and officials of the Meles government have collected young Oromo girls and women into concentration camps and gang raped them in front of their relatives, fathers, and husbands to humiliate them and the Oromo people.

    Because of Ethiopian colonialism and an oppressive cultural system, almost all Oromo women are part of the most impoverished sector of Oromo society. Today, the Oromo people in general and Oromo women in particular are exposed to state-terrorism and other forms of violence and poverty. They do not have personal and economic security. Since Oromo resources such as land are owned by the Tigrayan government, Oromo women cannot produce enough food and cash crops to feed their children. The Ethiopian government controls and owns most of Oromo economic recourses, including the land.

    Once again raw eater in your OWN lands. Your OWN ancestral lands. How does it feel that your women are economically weak and you weak Oromo men can't do anything? How does it feel that the resources in your own ancestral lands but its in control but a foriegn ethnic group that's a minority in the Menelik colonized Ethiopia. Where was that "warrior spirit" then? I know that burns your soul.

    Meanwhile after my people were finished slaughtering all the Frenchmen. Haitian leaders like Petion helped free enslaved peoples of South America while helping Bolivar gain independence.

    A courageous act your people know little of besides slaughtering innocent people in your little "warrior raids."

    But let me continue on... Why is a slave calling other people "ex-slaves" when his people were freed by "tha white man" much later than most in the African diaspora?

    The 204 Oromo children of Ethiopia who were rescued from Arab slavers in 1888 and ended up in South Africa
    In September 1888, some 204 boys and girls captured to be sold into slavery in Arabia from their homes in the highland area of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia got somewhat lucky when they rather found themselves in South Africa receiving an education.

    Again Waaq, your own ancestral homeland. Seriously where was that warrior spirit? Why were so many Oromo children allowed to get enslaved in Oromia? Something is not adding up.

    Meanwhile, you poke fun at ADOS slave ancestry but meanwhile this was us during the times of slavery.

    Anonymous, from a letter to the Charleston Courier at the outset of the war, published in Niles’ Weekly Register with a dateline of “St. Augustine, Jan. 14”:
    “The force at present in East Florida, is too small to compete with the Indians, whose strength and spirit have been alike underrated …. But whatever be the plan of operations, it should be quickly devised and promptly pursued. There are now about 400 negroes, perhaps more, in the hands of the Indians. The whole of East Florida is very much at the mercy of the enemy….
    Elias Wallen and “Citizens of St. Augustine," conveying a message of distress to the United States Congress, sent to Florida’s Territorial Delegate to Congress, Joseph L. White, several weeks after Dade’s massacre:

    “Now just conceive their position [the Seminoles]—eight hundred or one thousand warriors, animated by sentiments of hatred or revenge, and well aware what is to be their fate upon losing their superiority—with them three or four hundred Negroes of their own, better disciplined and more intelligent than themselves, to whom there is adaily accession of runaway Negroes from the plantations, supplied with arms and ammunition from the deceased whites.

    William Lloyd Garrison, the famous abolitionist, indicating his awareness (highly unique at the time) of the nature of events in Florida in a letter to George Thompson:
    “The numerous Indian tribes on our southern and western borders … are up in arms, carrying death and desolation in their train, and not only defying but absolutely out-generalling the U.S. troops. They have ravaged many plantations, killed many inhabitants, and emancipated a considerable number of slaves. Osceola, their chief, is a warrior who may be considered the boldest, bravest, and most sagacious, since the days of King Philip of New-England.

    If that isn't enough for your tiny worm infested brain then maybe this quote by General Jesup will make things clear for you.

    General Thomas Sydney Jesup, upon assuming command in Florida, writing Acting Secretary of War Benjamin Butler with his assessment of the war:
    “This, you may be assured, is a negro, not an Indian war; and if it be not speedily put down, the south will feel the effects of it on their slave population before the end of the next season.

    African-Americans were going down into Florida and causing an insurgency while tag-teaming with the native American Seminoles. They were causing some much destruction that historians/scholars even argue that this is what hastened the emancipation of slavery. People brand it as the Seminole Wars but others call it the "Gullah wars." Sorry but what i posted isn't dumbass hotep sources but solid primary sources.

    However, my real question for you is... If Oromo people are such a warrior spirited people then why weren't there many if any Oromo slave rebellions in Arabia or any other region of the Indian ocean? Why were so many Oromos including WOMEN AND CHILDREN allowed to be taken and sold into slavery? Hell even the Zanj Bantus rebelled.

    So what gives? lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    There is no ruling Tigray party anymore, TPFL has lost its power you low IQ sugar cane cutting nigger slave

    Abiy Ahmed who is our pm is Oromo and the ruling party(of which the most dominant is an Oromo party lol) isn't run by Tigray people but a coalation of several ethnic parties within Ethiopia you stupid nigger slave:
    Yet the wealthiest people are Tigray and essentially control the economy?


    Like even @Meygaag said the new "PM" works in the interests of non-Oromo ethnic groups like the Amhara. And he is right about the old centralized Ethiopia. More importantly why don't you tell us what Abiy is doing for Oromia and the Oromo people? Because I am seeing the opposite.

    Ethiopia: A Case Study in Take-Over by Western Interests
    Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, has already demonstrated that he is poised to hand over his country to western interests, vultures, such as the World Bank, IMF and eventually the globalized Wall Street banking clan. In fact, it looks like these institutions were instrumental in manipulating parliamentary maneuvers, with arm-twisting of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) to make Mr. Abyi the new Prime Minister, succeeding Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn, who rather suddenly was forced to resign in February 2018, amidst endless foreign induced protests and violent street demonstrations. With EPRDF Ethiopia is a de facto one-party state. EPRDF is a coalition of different regional representations.

    Proud Ethiopia, has never been colonized by western powers per se, except for a brief Italian military occupation (1935 – 1939) by Mussolini. And now, in the space of a few months, since Mr. Abiy’s ascent to power, the country is being enslaved by the new western colonial instruments, the so-called international development institutions, the World Bank, IMF – and others will follow.

    Mr. Abiy is an Oromo leader; Oromia being a disputed area between Ethiopia and Somalia. The latter is effectively controlling the Horn of Africa, overseeing the Gulf of Aden (Yemen) and the entire Iran controlled Persian Gulf area. Control over the Horn of Africa is on Washington’s strategic wish list and may have become an attainable target, with the Oromo leader and new PM, Abiy Ahmed.

    Think about it – Yemen, another ultra-strategic location, being bombed to ashes by the Saudis on behalf of the western powers, primarily the US and the UK, being subdued for domination by the west wanting to control the Gulf area, foremost Iran and her riches. On the other hand, Ethiopia, a prime location as an assault basis for drones, war planes and ships.

    Curiously, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, a former rebel leader, elected in 1991 and in power for 21 years, died suddenly at age 57 in August 2012, while actually recovering from an undisclosed illness in a hospital abroad, allegedly from an infection – according to official Ethiopian state television. He was succeeded by Mr. Hailemariam, who last February had to resign.

    In the same vein of strange events – events to reflect on – PM Zenawi, about 18 months before he died, signed on 31 March 2011 a no-bid contract for US$ 4.8 billion with ‘Salini Costruttori’, alias Salini Impregilo. The Italian company, well established in Ethiopia since 1957, is responsible for the construction of the controversial “Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam”, formerly the Millennium Dam on the Nile. When finished, it will be African’s largest artificial water reservoir with a capacity of 74 billion m3.

    Under construction since 2011, this gravity dam on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia’s Benishangul-Gumuz Region, about 15 km from the Sudanese border, is expected to produce 6.45 gigawatts which will make it the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa and the 7th largest in the world. The works are about two thirds completed, and the dam will take from 5 to 15 years to fill up.

    The project was fiercely contested by Egypt which claimed that the dam would reduce the agreed amount of Nile water flowing in

    However, Prime Minister Zenawi argued that the dam would not reduce the downstream flow, and – in addition to generating hydropower and making Ethiopia Africa’s largest electricity exporter, would help regulate irrigation, thus, helping to avert Ethiopia’s notorious droughts and famines that kill regularly tens of thousands of people. Indications are that this dam project could become an economic “power house” for Ethiopia, a country otherwise known as impoverished and destitute.

    This water flow conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt was discussed in numerous meetings and conferences of the World Bank sponsored Nile Basin Initiative (NBI), encompassing ten riparian countries (Burundi, D.R. Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda); and about 350 – 400 million people. It is not clear whether the dispute was ever satisfactorily settled.

    Mr. Zenawi’s successor, PM Hailemariam Desalegn, continued with the project unchallenged and unchanged until his sudden resignation earlier this year. At the end of August 2018, in a surprise move, the new PM, Abiy Ahmed, ousted the dam project’s subcontractor, METEC, under the pretext of numerous work delays. METEC is a state enterprise run by the Ethiopian military. According to several insider accounts, there were never any complaints about project delays, caused by METEC. The new sub-contract was to be awarded to a foreign private company.

    Simultaneously, in another alarming occurrence, on 26 August 2018, Mr. Simegnew Bekele, the chief engineer and project manager of the controversial dam, was found murdered, shot to death, in his Landcruiser in an Addis Ababa parking lot.

    The series of events, starting from the signing of the dam project in 2011, to the sudden death of then PM Zenawi a year later, the resignation of his successor, Mr. Hailemariam, earlier this year, the hasty appointment of the neoliberal PM Abiy Ahmed in February 2018, the assassination of the dam’s project manager in August 2018 – all this looks like well-orchestrated, with a few hick-ups in between that were rapidly ironed out – to pave the way for a neoliberal, corporate and maybe foreign military take-over of this once proudly independent country, an African nation with a potentially prosperous future.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    This dominant wing of the ruling coaltion party has also declared Addis Abeba an Oromo town which should be renamed to Finfinne:

    Now read your own quote again.
    The Oromo Democratic Party, for instance, still advocates a controversial idea known as Oromia’s Special
    Interest in Addis Ababa.
    The organisation is the most powerful party in the ruling coalition today. Its members have made a political and constitutional claim to Addis Ababa because it is an enclave located in the State of Oromia. The city now doubles as the capital of Oromia despite the fact that less than 20% of its residents are ethnic Oromos.
    Pathetic. That's like most of the people in Lagos people non-Yoruba. And lastly Addis Ababa was founded by a non-Oromo. Even more pathetic.


    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    We have hordes of Oromo militas and youth running through Addis Abeba waving militant Oromo flag, declaring it an Oromo city and evicting via violent acts several thousands of non oromo ethnic groups:
    Look at all this rah rah rah and hooray! Nonsense along with posting shiny pictures. All your savage minded people can do is kill innocent civilians? Where was all the smoke when this shit happened?

    Ethiopian forces 'killed 400 Oromo protesters'

    Like what the fuck man? We talking about some 'top flight' security guards here. Not no trained mercenaries. FOUR HUNDRED people killed by some college security guards getting paid Ethiopian minimum wage. Like wtf? How do some part time taxi drivers kill that many so called "warrior people."
    Like what was they just standing there getting shot? Nobody thought to rush the mfs. Not only that they went right back to protesting. Where we those "youth militias" to protect their Oromo people in this slaughter? Seems your "warrior people" run scuuuuuured when niggas who have arms start busting at yall. Yall only feat seems to be going around slaughtering random village people who can't defend themselves. I mean I would too brag about shit like that if I had such a loser-like history like your people.

    You state African-Americans only protests? Yes, the civil rights minded people do. But the "hood niggas" or the people the "Black empowerment" types of our community. Biggest mass slaughter of AA in history was the opelousas masscacre in which 200-300 AAs were killed by white paramilitary forces. And AAs still managed to kill 30-50 of them. There's a reason why Dylan Roof said he was looking for "soft AA targets" like those church going AAs and not people like the Fruits of Islam or the Huey Newton Gun club. Or heck just our regular hood niggas.

    Meanwhile, African-Americans are the only group of people to beat white people in a race riot in America.
    Namely DC red summer riots 10 dead whites 5 dead blacks. After white STARTED the riots and outnumbered AA 2:1. Meanwhole 400 Oromos get killed all at once by some Ethiopian mall cops and ain't body a thing. 400 - 0 advantage mall cops.

    Anyways, a short history for our riots as a "docile" group of people:

    East St. Louis riots 1917 - 9 whites lives taken.

    Houston Camp Logan Riots 1917 - 15 whites lives taken.

    Washington DC riot 1919 - 10 whites lives taken.

    Chicago riots 1919- 15 whites lives taken.

    Where was the docile and submission there? How come the Oromos never reproduced any of these instead of raiding innocent civilians? How come there was never any of this against the Tigray government? More importantly where are the feats of Oromos even going against an army? And not bragging about raiding civilians who can't fight back? Already showed AAs fighting against the General Jesup's American forces. I don't even have to get into details the whipping my Haitian side gave the French. Not only that but a decisive Siege Fort battle victory against the British empire! Fighting against slavery in Spanish Florida. And made up the majority of the troops.

    Show us Oromo battles fighting for their own agenda against military forces and not going around raping babies and women and then we'll talk about "real warrior people." And I haven't even posted the more juicy stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post

    Amhara royal elite was ruling ALL of Ethiopia and supressing ALL ethnic groups. Oromos were not an exception to their rule. Furthermore Amhara elite was mixed heavily with Oromo. The Ethiopian army at Adwa led by Oromo cavalery owning the Italians. The last emporer himself, Haile Selaisse was half Oromo.
    Mengistu of the DERG was half Oromo etc. I could go on and on.
    Once again they subjugated you savages in your OWN ANCESTRAL LANDS. Keyword: Ancestral lands.

    And saying Haile Selaisse ain't gong to make the wound heal any better. That's like me as someone who is part Haitian saying "well those mulattos who tried to sabotage Toussiant and worked with French during the war of knives were part Black!" lol.

    And speaking of the DERG? You mean the same fucking DERG regime that was oppressing Oromo people and killing them???? Even my own brother-in law who is part Oromo talks about that as a dark history in Oromo history. Matter fact here is an old article from that DATE discussing the crimes against humanity the regime was doing against.

    The roots of the present Oromo-Amhara conflict lie in the late 1800s when the independent Oromo nation was conquered by Abyssinians who were creating an empire. The Oromo have always viewed the Amhara Emperor Menelik and his successors, backed by European powers, as colonizers. His retainers acquired rights over the most productive Oromo lands and were allowed to exact tribute from even greater areas. Written Oromo texts were destroyed and education of Oromos was conducted in Amharic.
    With assistance from the United States. Haile Selassie I relocated increasing numbers of Amhara in Oromo regions. They served as the administrators of the government, court, schools, and church. Although in 1974 the Haile Selassie government was replaced by the Dergue, a military junta, the new regime was more dominated by Amharas than the previous one. Today under the Dergue it is illegal to speak Oromo for public purposes, Torture, harassment, and military campaigns against the Oromo force many to join the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and others to flee the country. Apparently, the ruling minority cannot afford to allow the majority population to unite.

    The Oromo refugees in Washington left Ethiopia for various reasons. Some were wanted by the police for teaching the Oromo language in village schools. Others had been jailed and tortured on suspicion of belonging to Oromo political organizations. Without exception the refugees decided to leave Ethiopia only after being subjected to torture or imprisonment or after a close friend or family member had been killed or jailed "indefinitely". Recently stepped up military action by the Amhara-dominated junta has caused still more refugees to flee. In April and May of this year Reuters and Vart Land independently reported that the military sprayed flammable chemicals over an Oromo populated valley in southern Ethiopia. The spraying was followed by jet fighters launching rockers and incendiary devices to ignite the chemicals. Animals, buildings, and crops were destroyed. More than 2,000 Oromo were killed and more than twenty thousand fled the area. Clearly, the recent wave of refugees are not all victims of drought of border wars.

    Not only did Haile sell your people out and populated Oromia with Amharas who took control of government but the so called "half Oromo DERG" were slaughtering your people forcing them to flee. For someone who claims he is so PROUD to be Oromo this shit reeks of insecurity. That's like me someone who is part Haitian saying, "wellz... Rafael Trujillo had Haitian ansestree in em so hez wudent dat bad." :whaco:


    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    Your low IQ attempt at trying to draw Oromos as some sort of eternal victims doesnt reflect the complex reality where Oromos were oromizing, genociding and pillaging countless of ethnic groups within the Horn but at the same time switching sides and ruling in the name of Amhara elite over their own people.
    I already showed your people were "eternal victims" even today. Bragging about massacres of innocent civilians who can't even fight back like some low low IQ savage isn't going to make this heal faster.

    The Economics of the Indian Ocean Slave Trade in the Nineteenth Century

    Like I said all that barking and rah rah talk ain't going to do anything. Even today in the Arabian peninsula your women are getting basically enslaved.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    thats an old video you sugar cane cutting nigger slave
    Are Oromos not getting cucked in their ancestral lands yes or no? I see you keep ducking that answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    meanwhile Oromo millitias are now genociding, pillaging, evicting and putting several ethnic groups in their place like in good ol' pagan times:
    Genocide against Amhara:
    Genocide against Somali:
    other minorty groups:
    There is even a petition begging Oromos to stop genociding all non oromos in Ethiopia
    What the fuck? Is this the only feat you primitive people can brag about? I mean this is not surprising when you come from an ethnic group that never accomplished anything. Once again more bragging about slaughtering/raiding civilians who couldn't fight back.

    Show us Oromos engaging an armed and trained force. At least the Somalis have an honorable history of pushing out the Portuguese in a navel war out of the East African coast. Do you Oromos have feats of such natures instead of going around raping and killing non-armed fighters like a bunch of barbarians? This is what real "warriors" brag about you filthy raw eater.

    Killing 80% of Napoleon's powerful army at the time and pushing Napoleon out of his most economically valuable territory in the Americas and forcing him to sell the Louisiana territory. That's real badass shit. That's real "warrior" shit. Napoleon's army which was arguable a superpower at the time and not some third rate Italian army that was a laughing stock to other European powers that Menelik let you Oromos fight in the first Ethio-Italo war.

    But go one bragging about massacring a bunch of innocent children and women like the pack of animals your people are.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    yes they control it as I showed you above you stupid sugar cane cutting nigger slave unlike you slaves who are still slaves to BET, NBA, NFL or KFC owned by whitey
    What type of corny and desperate attempt at an insult is this? lol. As I already shown no the Oromo people of Oromia do not control the resources in Oromia and are still second class sentences.

    The average NBA, NFL and BET worker is living better than the average Oromo. I bet you $200 that the average Oromo would lose this "rah rah rah" talk and trade places with Lebron James in a heartbeart. He or she would probably sell his/her mother or grandmother to do so.

    I bet the average Oromo child badly wants to be like Michael Jordan or Mohammad Ali. I bet you 1grand... 1 fucking grand that Floyd "money" Mayweather can smash the average Oromo whore spending little to no bir. So don't talk about slaves?

    Like I said your own people are eternal victims in their own ancestral lands. I'm going to keep reminding you of that. They have little to no wealth on average and are among the most improvised. Meanwhile Black businesses in Black communities like those in North Carolina contributes About $44 Billion to N.C. Economy. And many Black enclaves like this exist in USA unlike in Oromia.

    Not only that but your little skinny sorry ass should be thankful to Aframs like Mark Dean who created the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) which allows your lunatic ass to type up your primitive nonsense.

    Fact of the matter is no Afram wants to trade places with you animals. You can keep poking at our slave ancestry but its not going to change our positions. Many Afram kids probably only know about Oromo people from starvation commercials.


    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    dont have 20% foreign racial rape admixture via white massa and up to 50% r1b ydna via white massa raping their grand grand grand whore nigger slave momma on a cotton field and your own men had to watch like cucks while white massa was creampying some ebony punani

    You online Horner trolls gotta get more creative with your trolling. The while the whole European ancestry in AA slaves doesn't "trigger" me the whole raping on plantation is a myth.

    "The frequent charge that slaveholders and overseers seduced or forced most of the young, sexually attractive slave girls appears to be a great exaggeration and an injustice to blacks as well as whites. The big plantations of the South Carolina and Georgia low country, for example, had few mulatto children, much to the surprise of the northerners who accompanied the Union occupation. Many ex-slaves told stories about the seduction and rape of black women; others insisted that their masters tolerated no such nonsense and that black women lived without dread of white sexual violence. This white disapproval of the exploitation of black women-or rather, of sexual irregularities in general-requires a close look, but by itself it cannot explain the large number of plantations on which little or no miscegenation occurred. Many black women fiercely resisted such aggression, and many black men proved willing to die in defense of their women. Planters and overseers who confronted resistant women and dangerous men usually had the good sense to content themselves with trying to attract single girls by using a combination of flattery, bribes, and the ever-present threat of force. The atrocious aggression of some masters and overseers against married woman (and their husbands) or against unwilling single women must not be minimized, especially since rape did not have to occur everywhere or every day to add up to an overpowering indictment against the regime as a whole. On this evidence alone, slavery stands convicted of inexpiable crimes against black people. But black women and their men were able to set limits by their own actions."
    Jordan, Roll (1976) by Eugene Genovese

    Southern Blacks and Whites being in close proximity is nothing new. Interracial relationships(Black women/White men) weren't even taboo during reconstruction. This is not even as severe as during the late 19th century with your women STILL being enslaved, their breasts chopped off and raped.

    Still waiting on Oromos engaging an armed force or controlling their resources in Oromoland. Next?

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    dont have 80% out of wedlock birth rates, a animal nonculture filled with promiscuity, degeneracy, hoes and pimps, booty shaking etc

    dont have highest STD rates within their own country
    dont live like 3rd world citizens in ghettos in their own land

    where they get regularly rightfully shot by the cops

    dont make up 50% of the prison population and dont commit 50% of the violent crime rate within America

    dont have highest abortion rates within their own country literally genociding themselves out of existence, not to mention rampant black on black crime
    Oh man!!! I'm glad you posted this. Now I really won't feel bad when I violate your people more. But more importantly everyone notice how this raw meat eating animal can only compare himself to African-Americans at our WORST. Repeat WORST. This is the only way he can get some type of "win" out. Yes, we know African-Americans have our issues of course. But... Lets examine this raw meat eating savage people at their "worst."

    40% of girls in Ethiopia are married before the age of 18 and 14% are married before their 15th birthday.

    According to UNICEF, Ethiopia has the 15th highest prevalence rate of child marriage in the world and the fifth highest absolute number of child brides – 2,104,000.

    The lowest median ages of marriage are in Afar and Amhara.

    A 2017 World Bank study shows that ending child marriage in Ethiopia could generate USD1581.4 million in earnings and productivity.
    Friendly and explorative relationships among boys and girls after puberty drives child marriage. Some girls, particularly in Oromia, marry because they believe they are in love, want the prestige of being a married woman, or wish to assert independence from their parents.

    That's right people "child marriage" is a main "concern" of his people.

    Notice I put concern in quotation. Was your mother a result of child marriage Waaq? How old was she 14 or 11? Jesus... Moving on from this gross shit. These animals after a war instead of cooking food like a normal civilized people(I mean didn't the first humans know how to make fire and cook? ) they instead went to the idea of eating raw meat like they savages they are. And because of this tapeworms are prevalent among them.

    "tapeworm parasite among the Oromo was believed to have emanated from eating uncooked meat. Simbirtuu(1993) reveals that the Oromo did not eat raw meat prior to the colonial invasion. But the eve of colonial conquest had compelled the military, particularly the Foolleeclass of the Gadaa system to live for long away from home in defense of Oromo nation boundary without provision or supply of military ration. This had caused the Foolleeto begin slaughtering animal booties, especially goats and sheep and eat uncooked meat. After certain days of consuming raw meat, they had witnessed segments of tapeworm in their stool."

    Which explains this being apart of their culture.

    But it doesn't stop there it gets worse... Oromo men were arrested in Somaliland after killing and eating poor Somali children.
    Man arrested for cannibalism in Somaliland

    AAs even with our many issues are not culturally backwards like these savages. I can go on with the many backwards elements of their culture but I may stop here because my stomach can't handle it.


    Lets move on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    yeah I guess I really shouldnt compare you subanimals to my glorious people. Do you even know where in Africa your animal ancestors were shipped from?
    Uh... Benin(Dahomey) and Angola on my Haitian? I mean the influence is evident and one Haitian revolution leader even imported Dahoney soldiers as body guards after the war.

    Uh... Next?

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    yeah when comparing third world people to people living in the first world. No shit sherlock yet by all metrics you niggers are at the bottom of USA society and whole of Americas. From Brazil to Canada. @MnM can confirm.
    Now its "buh... buh... buh.. it cuz we third world!"

    The average African-American and Afro-Brazilian will never ever trade places with a lowly Oromo child marriage savage. Deal wit it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    AIDS rates in the horn are still lower compared to AIDS rates among your bantu slave bretherns:

    Yet Ethiopia still has an higher aids rate than Black Americans and West Africa? Furthermore how about we offer some contexts since you can only compare you and your people to African-Americans at our worse. lol.

    Lets address the fact how prostitution in your country is legal.

    Prostitution in Ethiopia is legal,[1] and widespread.[2] Procuring (operating brothels, benefiting from prostitution, etc.) is illegal according to Article 634 of the Ethiopian Penal Code, as revised May 2005,[3]however these laws are rarely enforced.[1] Some feel it has contributed to the increased incidence of AIDS.[4] UNAIDS estimate there are over 19,000 prostitutes in the major cities.[5]

    Ethiopia has become a magnet for sex tourism,[6][7][8][9] including child sex tourism.[10]

    And how it contributes to the AIDS rate.

    Or how the capital Addis Ababa(remember you said its Oromo now ) is home to the largest amounts of brothels in Africa!!!!!!!!!!

    Ethiopia’s capital largest prostitution hub in Africa

    Girls as young as 8 years old are forced into it.

    Or how sex tourism is strong there.
    Sex work in Ethiopia is vast, diverse and conducted openly. Sex workers operate in virtually all hotels, bars and restaurants and there are street workers on most main roads of towns after sunset. Although the law does not prohibit sex work itself, the associated activities of brothel keeping, trafficking and public soliciting are illegal. Selling sex under the age of eighteen is a criminal offense in Ethiopia.

    According to a report by the Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office Ethiopia: “The size of the sex worker population in Ethiopia is not known. However, evidence suggests that sex work in Ethiopia is undergoing demographic and behavioral change. The number of sex workers is growing; much younger girls are joining the trade and the average number of clients they are seeing is increasing.

    Or how the average Ethiopian whore only costs 2 USD!!!!!!!
    Prostitution in Ethiopia has increased massively in the last years. In the capital Addis Ababa, around 130,000 girls support themselves by selling their bodies. Most of the girls are under eighteen, many as young as fourteen. The youngest girls hardly earn enough money to buy their own food, whilst the experienced prostitutes make about two US dollars a night. Condoms, although free in many places, are rarely used. Men prefer to choose the youngest girls since they believe they are HIV free. This keeps lowering the age of those becoming HIV infected.

    I think its time for you to wave the white flag. My people at our worse will never be as culturally nasty and backwards as your one. Now keep screaming ex-slave to make yourself feel better.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    and again comparing third world people to people living in the first world. No shit sherlock yet by all metrics you niggers are at the bottom of USA society and whole of Americas.
    Also lol at cherry picking meanwhile this is how most of you niggers live:

    and are the poorest within your own country:

    African-Americans are not even that far behind Hispanics and Native Americans. And also other sources have Native Americans as the poorest but that's a different story and irrelevant. Anyways, more of the "buh...buh... buh... wez a theerd world countree and dats why!" excuse. lol.

    And no I wasn't cherrypicking.

    The Black middle class is at a whopping 40%. Blacks making less than 15% a year only represents 21% of African-Americans and that percentage has been dropping. Either way 15k is much more than the average Oromo. Not only that I bet 2 grand that the average Oromo would trade places with an African-American making 15k a year living in the Mississippi delta.

    This right here is not cherrypicking you child marrying pedophile.

    Atlanta, with its historically black universities and strong middle class, has long been described as the black capital of America, and its thriving entertainment scene has given rise to claims that it’s become a cultural capital as well. Entrepreneurship is strong, with some 20% of the metro area’s black working population self-employed, the highest proportion in the nation, and though median black household income is quite a bit lower than in the D.C. area at $48,161, costs are lower too. In-migration has slowed since the financial crisis, but the black population is still up 14.7% since 2010.

    Atlanta and Washington are followed in our ranking by Austin, Texas, Baltimore and Raleigh, N.C., with the rest of the top 20 rounded out exclusively by Southern cities, except for Boston in 19th place.

    Two key determinants seem to be driving these rankings: homeownership and self-employment, traditional benchmarks of entering the middle class. All of the top 10 boast homeownership rates that match or well exceed the black national average of 41 percent. (It should be noted that the national average is a full third lower than the national average for all ethnicities.)

    These patterns hold up as well for income. Black incomes have been rising most rapidly since 2010 in largely fast-growing Sun Belt locales, as analyst and Forbes contributor Pete Saunders has found, such as Nashville, Raleigh and Austin. It appears as if the fastest income gains are generally being made in the places where other ethnic groups are advancing as well. After Washington, the metro areas where blacks have the highest annual household incomes are San Jose ($65,400), the capital of Silicon Valley, and No. 4 Baltimore ($53,200), which like Washington has a huge federal employment base.

    But.... Speaking of the Mississippi delta since you just love comparing your people to mines at our worse. The average person would rather wanna live here.
    http://<a href="</a>

    Than here....

    Compassion ministers to children in this region primarily in the city of Adama.
    Many poor residents make a meager living by selling small items and fast food to travelers.
    The city also caters to travelers’ negative habits, and there are many bars and “chat houses.” (Chat is an addictive stimulant herb.) Children are exposed to, and often lured by, these bad influences.
    Parents usually don’t monitor children’s activities during the day. Their attention is focused solely on survival and earning a living for their typically large families.
    Often, parents have lost hope in life and, therefore, place little importance on their children’s protection or education.
    Too many children end up living on the streets, perpetuating the generational cycle of hopelessness and lack of purpose


    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    and here is what you low IQ nigger ex slave dont get.
    There is no such thing as 'Oromo'. Oromo is a pan ethnicity combining several genetically, culturally, phenotypically and geographically distant groups under one umbrella term. We are the most diverse group in terms of genetics, phenotypes, location and culture.

    From up in the North in Tigray (Raya Oromo) to down in the North of Kenya.
    Technically the only 'real' Oromos are the Borana oromo from the South.
    Thats why oromo language is also regarded as a dialect continuum rather than an uniform language. I am from Central/Western Ethiopia and for me Borana oromo is as unintelligible as Somali. Thats why we can look from Habesha, to Somali to straight up Wolayta.
    My closest distance on gedmatch calculators is 1st Amhara, 2nd Tigrinya and then 3rd Oromo.
    This is just further proof of how succesfully Oromos from the South expanded and incoperated several ethnic groups into their group and also known as guudifecha system were people from opposing ethnic groups were captured and integrated into oromo society: Duressa.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y
    I am explaining and educating this to you low IQ nigger ex slave because it could be very well that 'Oromos' have been enslaved and shipped around. But not from where I am nor people who are related to me but flat nosed baria omotics who got oromized by Oromos. Not for nothing in oromo 'fuungaa' which means flat nose is a synonym for slave in oromo language.
    Now the raw eating savage is running away from his Oromo identity!

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    cool story nigger ex slave
    Rather be an "nigger ex slave" who comes from honorable men(something your people don't know the concept of) who resisted slavery and drove three of the biggest empires of the time off the island than some women/child village massacring pedophiles like your people.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    Oromos are well known as bad ass warriors in the Horn you ex nigger slave.

    The famous battle of Adwa as led by Oromo cavalery from whom the Italian fled out of fear of being castrated:

    You mean the same battle where Oromos after being conquered by their Amhara masters were working under their thumb as canon fodder? The same Italy which was a laughing stock compared to other European powers at the time? And where Ethiopia unlike most African states had European allies to aid support in ammunition? lol. That seems to be the only case you can show Oromos engaging a armed force and yet they were still under their non-Oromo masters.

    Meanwhile your people at the end of the day still got conquered by the Amharas who were less advanced than the Italians who were less advanced than other European powers. Yet when the Italians returned it was one sided battle.

    The Italians during world war 2 who were still a laughing stock even by Hitler. However, look how came to save them...

    Here are AAs WILLINGLY(not forced willingly) to sign up and fight against the Italians in Ethiopia.

    How sad.... Lastly this right here is true badassness.

    On November 18, 1803, Jean-Jacques Dessalines had ordered Capois to take Vertières, a fort situated upon a mount. Capois-la-Mort advanced with a demi-brigade which, horribly mutilated, soon recoiled before the cannon fire coming from the fort. He led it back for a second time, but was again driven to the bottom of the hill by the mitrailleuse.

    Boiling with rage, Capois ran to seek other new troops and, mounting his horse, advanced for the third time; again the thousand deaths that vomited from the fortress repulsed him and his brigade. Now for the fourth time, he asked his men to follow him by saying "Forward! forward!". While he was at the head of his men, his horse was hit by a cannonball—he fell,but Capois took his sword, got up, and ran to place himself again at the head of his black soldiers by shouting "Forward! Forward!" His cap, garnished with plumes, was carried away by a shot. He replied to the insult which left him hatless by drawing his sword and again throwing himself into the assault.

    Observing this, Rochambeau and his men shouted: "Bravo! bravo! bravo!" The firing in the fort ceased. Suddenly, the battle was still. A French staff officer mounted his horse and rode toward the intrepid Capois-la-Mort. With a great voice he shouted: "General Rochambeau sends compliments to the general who has just covered himself with such glory!" Then he saluted the Haitian warriors, returned to his position and the fight resumed.

    The next morning, a French officer followed by his companions led to the headquarters of the Haitian army a horse caparisoned, and delivered him with these words: "The Captain-general (Rochambeau) offers this horse as a mark of admiration to the "black Achilles" to replace the one of his that the French army regrets having killed

    Once again Napoleon's France which was a superpower at the time instead some second rate European army like Italy. You were saying about my docile ancestors? Oromos are such true warriors that they can't even take back Oromia and 400 Oromo protesters were slaughtered by mall cops and not a damn thing happened to those mall cops. Baddest in Horn of Africa my ass.... At least the South Sudanese Dinka fought the Sudanese in a long war until finally being able to become independent. That's bad ass. Something the Oromo people have not been doing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post

    meanwhile your entire history and ethnogenesis was founded in submission via white men raping your women and continued for 400 years during slavery, jim crow, segregation, war on drugs and modern racial motivated police brutality LOL
    Like I said more funny and cute pictures. I already debunked this submission nonsense your worm filled brain keep spatting. Does this look "submissive."

    Why didn't you Oromos do the same after 400 of yall were slaughtered in one setting? Or when the "half Oromo" DERG were slaughtering yall?

    The Ethiopian government was slaughtering you guys like cockroaches.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    you shouldnt make fun of tapeworms while up to 70% of you Haitian niggers have tapeworms as children
    There is even a petition to de worm Haiti, should I donate 5 Bucks to one of your fellow niggers infected by a tape worm? you dumb nigger
    Look at those pot bellied Haitian nigger babies. Happy that whitey helped them
    Really!?? Are you seriously? Now you are making up lies you worn brained child raping faggot? Where does any of your sources state 70%? Second, both your sources are dated and those Haitian kids do not have tapeworms due to eating raw meat like your child raping people do.

    And if you're talking about this?

    These are different regions dumbass but note how the more urban areas have less percentage. And its only Jeremie and Leogane where we see such high percentage and again this was back in 2002... :whaco: Seriously.

    Meanwhile with your people.

    A total of 1232 records were initially retrieved, with 78 full text articles retained for inclusion in the database. Unspecified taeniosis cases were reported for Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, whereas T. saginata taeniosis cases were found for Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The prevalence of taeniosis ranged between 0.2–8.1% based on microscopy, and between 0.12–19.7% based on coproAg-ELISA. In Ethiopia, the percentage of tapeworm self-reporting was high (45.0–64.2%), and a substantial number of anthelmintic treatments were reported to be sold in towns. The presence of bovine cysticercosis was reported in all 27 countries/territories included in the study, except for Rwanda and Somalia, Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Seychelles and Socotra. The prevalence of cysticercosis ranged between 0.02–26.3% based on meat inspection, and between 6.1–34.9% based on Ag-ELISA.


    According to the mapping there are an estimated 37.3 million people living in schistosomiasis endemic areas, and 79 million in schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthes endemic areas


    I know it burns your soul. You thought you had a win but you didn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    The only blacks in the Americas who fought back and got their freedom on their own were Haitians who ended up creating the greatest shithole in the Americas
    Nope. Haiti has a higher human index development and GDP per capita than Ethiopia.


    GDP per capita

    If Haiti is a shithole then Oromia must be hell itself. You lose again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    All you other ex nigger slaves were granted freedom by whitey because you went on a one million march, begged in the streets while being bitten by police dogs and spitted on by white people LOL
    Already been debunked. As I've shown AAs having a long history of resisting whites. Why don't you explain to everyone why 400 Oromos were slaughtered and nothing done? You talk about AAs protesting I mean what's this?

    Let me guess you're going to bring up the Oromo PM again.

    Again whats this?

    Once again now a shit down about it.

    You guys more brave to kill non-Oromo non-armed civilians but are pussyshit to go up against the Ethiopian government/police. lol. Some "warriors."

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    Like a bunch of real cucks as your slave ancestors begging whitey to be integrated into white society. If whites wanted they could have put you all in concentration camps and slaughtered you all like pigs. They had the army, the numbers, the weapons, the means. You should be glad that whitey let you into their society and didnt do a nigger holocaust on you lot.
    You mean llike:

    1. Ethiopian mall cops killing 400 of your people and you guy's not dong a damn thing?

    2. Many more Oromos getting killed in peaceful protests?

    3. President Meles govt raping and cutting off the breast of your women and while your cowardly men watched?

    4. The "half-Oromo" DERG regime massacring your people in the masses? Forcing many to flee?

    5. "Half Oromo" Halie populating your ancestral lands with outsiders and appointing those outsiders to rule over you?

    According to this you raw meat eating and pedophilia Gallas are already being "Holocausted." Heck if we compare both histories more Oromos were killed by their oppressors. And had less arms resistance against them. I mean I know the burns. No wonder your cowardly men take it all out by "genociding" non-armed civilians.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    Imagine living in a country where you are 2nd class citizen and have to see everyday WASP people who owned and cucked your ancestors like animals. Imagine only living in this society at the mercy of the WASP majority who granted you freedom. LOL I cant imagine what painful feeling this is. Living a life in submission and inferiorty towards the white man. Never getting your revenge.
    How does it feel getting cucked in your ancestral lands whole never getting your freedom. And we begged "whitey." Bitch... The Union never cared about freeing the slaves. It was Colored troops who captured the Confederate capital and thus ended the war.

    Don't believe me here is an archive newspaper clipping a primary source showing it. And like I said I haven't even posted the juicy shit yet. When will Oromos occupy Addis and take it from their Amhara/Tigray.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    they dont you ex sugar cane cutting nigger slave meanwhile the richest man in Haiti is a Jew while you niggers die of tape worms
    The Middle Eastern/Jewish merchant class was brought into Haiti by that lunatic Papa Doc. I doubt you know Haitian geopolitics. Meanwhile the richest people in Ethiopia are non-Oromo and Oromos occupy the lowest positions in their own ancestral lands. Actual Haitians run Haiti moron.

    And for decades. Can't say the same for Oromos who just got their FIRST PM.


    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    >brags about a bunch of niggers with paintball guns 'scaring off the KKK
    Those "painball guns" prevented a massacre. And this is just among many example of AAs using arms against White Supremacists.

    Maybe if your people had some "paintball guns" then 400 of them wouldn't have gotten massacred in one setting.


    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    Tell me how many KKK members have you niggers actually killed? You lot rather have a shootout in Chiraq killing your own instead of killing your real enemies LMAO
    And how many Ethiopian police/militarymen have you Oromo savages killed? And I'm glad you asked.


    On 1 August 1841, the black leaders held ceremonies to commemorate the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 that abolished slavery in the British colonies (except for India). Their celebration was viewed with hostility by many whites. That month the city experienced a drought and heat wave that caused the Ohio River to drop to the lowest waterline yet recorded, putting many men out of work who were dependent on river traffic. Idled and hot, men grew testy and argumentative.
    Tensions mounted, with several scuffles between whites and blacks in their crowded neighborhoods. On the evening of Tuesday, 31 August, a group of Irish men got into a fight with some blacks. On Wednesday, the fight resumed. A mob of white men armed with clubs attacked the occupants of a black boarding house. The brawl spread to involve occupants of neighboring houses and lasted nearly an hour. Although several people were wounded on both sides, no one reported the incident to the police and no arrests were made. Another encounter took place on Thursday in which two white youths were badly injured, apparently with knives.[4] That day, bands of angry whites were roaming the city. An eyewitness said blacks were "assaulted wherever found in the streets, and with such weapons and violence as to cause death."
    3 September

    On Friday, there were rumors that more serious disturbances were planned. The Cincinnati Daily Gazette, which published a full report of the riots, did not hear of any special police precautions to prevent trouble.
    According to John Mercer Langston, then a child of twelve and later an educator and distinguished politician, the black elders armed themselves with guns, planning their defense against attack and elected Major J. Wilkerson, a mulatto, as their leader. Wilkerson had been born a slave in Virginia in 1813 and had purchased his freedom, becoming an elder of the AME Church in Cincinnati, a denomination established in 1819 and the first independent black church in the United States.
    Langston later described Wilkerson as a "champion of his people's cause" who would "maintain his own rights as well as those of the people he led." Wilkerson ensured that the women and children were moved to safe places. He then deployed the men in defensive positions on roofs, in alleys and behind buildings.
    An armed mob organized by people from Kentucky assembled in Fifth Street Market, carrying clubs and stones. Marching toward Broadway and Sixth streets, they wrecked a black-owned confectionery house on Broadway. The crowd grew and ignored calls from local officials, including the mayor, to disperse. Advancing to attack the black neighborhood, the mob was met with gunfire and retreated.

    In several additional attacks, people on both sides were wounded and some reported killed. In the middle of the night, a group of whites brought in a six-pounder cannon loaded with boiler punchings and pointed it down Sixth street from Broadway. By this time many of the blacks had fled but fighting continued, the cannon being fired several times.
    About 2 a.m., militiamen arrived and managed to end the fighting. The soldiers established a cordon around several blocks of the black neighborhood, holding those within captive. The militia also rounded up other blacks in the city and marched them into the cordoned-off area where they were held captive until they paid bond.
    Cincinnati riots of 1841 - Wikipedia


    Alarmed at the threat to civil rights activists, Williams had applied to the National Rifle Association (NRA) for a charter for a local rifle club.[15] He called the Monroe Chapter of the NRA the Black Armed Guard; it was made up of about 50–60 men, including some veterans like him. They were determined to defend the local black community from racist attacks, a goal similar to that of the Deacons for Defense who established chapters in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama in 1964-1965.[16]

    Newtown was the black residential area of Monroe. In the summer of 1957, there were rumors that the KKK was going to attack the house of Dr. Albert Perry, a practicing physician and vice-president of the Monroe NAACP. Williams and his men of the Armed Guard went to Perry's house to defend it, fortifying it with sandbags. When numerous KKK members appeared and shot from their cars, Williams and his followers returned the fire, driving them away.[17]

    "After this clash the same city officials who said the Klan had a constitutional right to organize met in an emergency session and passed a city ordinance banning the Klan from Monroe without a special permit from the police chief."[14]

    You call the civil rights activists dociles but there were many subgroups of them that were armed. Like Robert F Williams. I doubt you even knew that. Heck more Oromos were probably slaughtered by Amharas/Tigrays than KKK/African-Americans.

    Like I said I'm not even posting the juicy shit yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    # Population (source) Distance
    1 Ethiopian_Amhara 3.55
    2 Ethiopian_Tigray 4.53

    3 Ethiopian_Oromo 10.37
    4 Somali 11.7
    These are my closest matches on eurogenes k13 gedmatch. I am like millions of 'Oromos' nothing else than a oromo peaking Ethiosemite. And again you low IQ ex nigger slave, you dont understand Oromo ethnogenesis. And even though I am genetically an Amhara who speaks Oromo, my ethnocultural identity is Oromo. Something which your small peanut nigger brain can't grasp. I can easily claim Aksum and any other ethiosemitic civilization in the Horn, not only that but I could pretty much claim every single cushitic civilization considering I could be modeled as a mix of Somali, Oromo, Tigray and Amhara in gedmatch:
    Using 4 populations approximation:
    1 Ethiopian_Tigray + Ethiopian_Tigray + Ethiopian_Tigray + Somali @ 1.927873
    2 Ethiopian_Amhara + Ethiopian_Tigray + Ethiopian_Tigray + Somali @ 2.154098
    3 Ethiopian_Amhara + Ethiopian_Amhara + Ethiopian_Tigray + Somali @ 2.550959
    4 Ethiopian_Oromo + Ethiopian_Tigray + Ethiopian_Tigray + Ethiopian_Tigray @ 2.796905
    5 Ethiopian_Amhara + Ethiopian_Oromo + Ethiopian_Tigray + Ethiopian_Tigray @ 2.803333
    6 Ethiopian_Amhara + Ethiopian_Amhara + Ethiopian_Oromo + Ethiopian_Tigray @ 2.981748
    Either way it doesnt matter since I am genetically much more closer to the founders of Aksum, Meroe, Adal empire and any other cushitic civilization
    The child raping raw eater is running from his Oromo identity AGAIN!

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    than a 20% european admixed ex nigger slave to any bantu civilization(which were all build by arabs and indians anyway LOL).
    LMAO!!! I can't lie you're a comedian. But tell us which Oromo civilizations you raw eaters created?

    Do tell?

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    But being a cucked peasant is in your DNA not for nothing nigger congo folk were shipped as slaves across the world and are known as being submissive slaves across the world.
    Look in the mirror.

    Abducted from their Ethiopian homes, 217 Galla (Omoro) young people were being taken to slave markets in Arabia when on 15 September, 1888 the three dhows transporting them were intercepted by HMS Osprey. Temporality accommodated at the The Keith-Falconer Mission of the Free Church of Scotland in Aden, 64 children were moved to the Free Church’s Lovedale Missionary Institute in South Africa. Disembarking at East London, they became the guests of the Presbyterian Church, before travelling to Lovedale, where they were provided with comfortable accommodation, education and training. By 1900 most of the Omoro young people had left Lovedale

    Harem Girl

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    Black american influence on the world is spreading degenerated filthy promiscous music with zero values and ghetto life style and Haitians? No one in the real world even knows that Haiti exists.
    Tell me? How many people copy Oromo culture and doing shit like this?

    Or this...

    As for Haitians many non-Haitian scholars have a lot of interests in our revolution and references a lot when it comes to early revolutions in the Americas and how a slave army with no formal training were able to push back three large empires at the time. Now, can you show me non-Oromo historians having interest in Oromo history? I mean if there is a history to begin with outside of slaughtering innocent civilians and raping children.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    The only worthful thing about your ancestry is the WASP anglo DNA due to massa raping your grand momma. You can claim know Anglo saxons and Celts. They surely accomplished more than tapeworm infested Haitian niggers
    I mean If child marriage was apart of my culture like yours then I definitely would claim Anglo-Saxons and Celts. But nope I'm good.

    But us African-Americans and Haitians KILL pedophiles. There was a graphic video(can't find it) of a Haitian town people beating a pedo to death. Like I said that shit is apart of your culture. Be proud.
    Why Oromo baby girls can be engaged on the day they are born

    Shieeet... I would claim my oppressors ancestry if 100% if I was ever a member of this animalistic ethnic group you call "the Oromo people."

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    who cares what they build or didnt. I could care less about that. Oromos were and are the most dominant group in the Horn which is proven via sheer numbers, genetic diveristy due to conquering people and geography, having the biggest land.
    I know whitey did a heavy tool on your self esteem by installing your mind that your ancestors were nothing else than spear chucking cannibal jungle savages, so you uprooted nigger ex slaves who were shipped across the world and lost your identity and roots are now trying to reconnect yourself to any civilizations, to prove to whitey and a need for admiration that 'we beez human and smartz tooo'.
    Thats why proving that Moors, egyptians, Vikings etc were black is such a huge issue for you lot. Proving that blacks can build because 'only smart humans can build' is the main focus of your whole posting history on this board.
    Not to mention besides the fact that 99% of nigger congo people were nothing else than primitive hunter and gatherers, pastoralist or farmers who didnt build jack shit, any laughable nigger congo civilization in itself is inferior to even the most primitive earliest civilizations outside of SSA LOL. So what are you bragging about again? Great Zimbawe?
    LMAO how pathetic. As I said I could easily claim via genetic and linguistic relatedness any northeastafrican civilization. But unlike you nigger ex slave I have no need to. You see thats whats differs me from you, you have an inferiority complex created by whitey.
    Everyone notice how the raw eater can not give me a clear response. Must be all the tapeworms in his brain doing this to him. I asked him to fetch be civilizations produced by Oromos compared to the "inferior" Bantus. And huntergatherers? The majority of Bantus are agriculturalist and were. Heck the Bantu migration was a agricultural migration. lol.

    So I'm going to ask your low IQ worn infest brain again... What civilizations/kingdoms have Oromos produced? Where's your... Great Zimbabwe, Kilwa, Mombasa, Mapungubwe, Mutapa, Butua, Torwa dynasty, Rozwi Empire(who whipped the Portuguese) or Kongo Kingdom? Where? And all Bantu civilizations, city states and kingdoms.

    Hell I'll make it easier where are your "less complex civilizations" like Buganda kingdom, Lunda kingdom, Luba Kingdom or Ndongo? Again all Bantus... So that just lets me believe that all in all this is accurate.


    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    Addis is owned by oromos you stupid nigger slave. And those skyscrapers were build by all ethiopian ethnic groups along side chinese workers.
    "all Ethiopian ethnic groups."

    Keep telling yourself that to make you feel better. lol.

    And you mean "owned" by 20% of the population being Oromos and the rest being non-Oromos? lol! Lagos in Yorubaland was BUILT by Yorubas and Yorubas still occupy the majority population.


    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    You type like an estrogenic bitch, you sure you aint a Shaniqua?
    You mean like the men of your culture holding hands? Yea I agree.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    yes as slaves

    Two can play that game.

    While the majority of the African diaspora were free your people were STILL getting enslaved into the late 19th century.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    everything what Bantu niggers build was under the guise of Arab rulers LOL. That being said I dont care what they did or did not build.
    Keep telling yourself this to make yourself feel better. Bantu in the past and present are much more civilized than you child raping raw eating savages.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waaq the raw eating savage View Post
    yeah I am sure Oromos who regard Bantus and Omotics as Baria half apes care how they are perceived by Bantu apes.
    Meanwhile in reality how Oromos put stinky Bantu in their place:
    Like expected more examples of attacking groups of people who can't defend themselves. The only feat his people have accomplished. Lets see you guys try that with the Rowzi people or Zulus. I see you now have the Tanzania flag in your avi don't you Horner nationalist always complain about Bantu supposedly "slaughtering" Cushites of Tanzania?

    Anyways, as I have shown and detailed the worthless but rather gross existence of your people, I never ever want your raw eating child raping(child marriage according to you) cowardly people compared to mines. There is nothing "honorable" about being a Galla savage.

    PS: This video I posted.
    Was me in your little shit hole Oromia. So I know from first hand experience how pathetic and worthless your people are.

    Like I said this hurt me more than it does you. Anyways off to bed now.
    Last edited by BlessedbyHorus; Today at 09:52.
    Quote Originally Posted by Reason1234 View Post
    Worth noting that all of the above claimed to have been founded by foreigners from north africa or the middle east.
    Quote Originally Posted by NassBean View Post
    Actually I'm surprised because I've just verified and even the wiki articles show that you're right ...I feel bad for these aframs.

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