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Thread: Human head found in Arizona from human trafficking3021 days old

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    Default Human head found in Arizona from human trafficking

    A controversy is brewing in Arizona over assertions by advocates of more stringent immigration laws that drug and human traffickers have beheaded illegal immigrants as a warning to rival cartels operating along the Arizona-Mexico border.

    At least one human skull has been found in the Arizona desert in recent years, officials said. But that was in 2008, and no evidence was found that indicated it was the result of a decapitation. Rather, the coroner in the case determined, it was torn from the rest of the body after death -- most likely by a wild animal.

    At the center of the current dispute is Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who, during a TV interview last month, said law enforcement agencies have found "beheaded" bodies in the broiling desert.

    "Our law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert either buried or just lying out there that have been beheaded," Brewer said.

    The governor's comments led to several reports scrutinizing her claim, including Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank's assertion that "there's not a follicle of evidence" to support the governor's statement.

    June 29: J. David Lowell, who has owned Atascosa Ranch in Santa Cruz County since 1975, recounted the grisly discovery by a cowboy in a July 8 letter to Gov. Brewer. (FNC)
    An earlier report in the Arizona Guardian on June 30 noted that coroners' offices in six Arizona counties, including four that border Mexico, indicated they had never heard of beheadings within their jurisdictions.

    Paul Senseman, Brewer's spokesman, said he did not know which law enforcement agency told the governor about the beheadings, citing security briefings he does not attend. Senseman said Brewer never insinuated that people were being beheaded in Arizona.

    "The governor has never specifically said where she was referring to," Senseman told "Obviously, the violence is increasing on the other side of the border and, unfortunately, the same narco-terrorist organizations are operating daily in the state of Arizona. And the governor's position is that those operations need to stop."

    When pressed to indicate if decapitated bodies had been found in Arizona, Senseman continued: "She's referring, in general, to the increasing violence across the border."

    Meanwhile, officials at six medical examiners' offices in Arizona -- Yuma, Pima, Santa Cruz, Cochise, Pinal and Maricopa -- confirmed that they had no records of decapitated bodies.

    "Our medical examiner has not seen any cases of beheadings," a Pinal County official said. Another official in Cochise County said a very small number of bodies -- usually one or two per year -- are found without skulls. But with no evidence that a cutting implement was used, that is typically the work of animals, the official said.
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    I'm surprised nobody answered this. I wrote a paper partly about this for my degree at UOPX.

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    What is this thread doing in the "Evolution" section/subforum?

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