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Thread: Original Aryans3298 days old

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    I've not read all the pages of the thread, but I'll simply say what (IMO) are the Aryans:

    The Aryans were those people that spoke an Indo-European language and designed themselves as "noble ones, etc...". Their Homeland was located in what is now the region of the lakes of Urmia and Van in Southern Caucasus-Anatolia. They were dark-haired, light (or light brown)-skinned brachycephals (most likely Taurids, Alpinids) and some East-Mediterranids and dolychocephals that moved eastward of the Caspian Sea, mixing with blonde-haired dolychocephals and, through teaching them their language, culture, religion, etc. they founded with them the Proto-Indo-Iranian culture, and from that location they spread their culture in the Indus Valley. They formed with the native population of Proto-Mediterranids (Dravidians) the Indus Valley Civilization. Later on, a portion of this population went westward because of internal problems (Mahabharata Wars) between the worshippers of the Vedic gods and those worshipping the new Zoroastrian faith. After the drying of the Saraswati river, a lot of problems made the people of Indus Valley migrate eastward, to the Ganga planes. Just in this period the Indus Valley people began to put on paper their religious and historical tradition (RigVeda).

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    And those inbred rajput rajas look no different from these "pariahs", you deluded crackpot. Actually they look blacker than sudras like the jats and outcastes like the chamars.

    Just to let you know that Jats are not shudras . I DONT BELIEVE IN CASTE SYSTEM but the the haplogroups of the shudras referred as scheduled castes in modern connotations and the tribal population have completely different haplogroups than that of Jats of India. Jats have haplogroups R1a1a in high percentange. Not required to give further details about R1a1a ,its self explanatory now who Jats are.

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