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    Default Official Policy Announcement of Biodiversity Forum, also known as Anthropology Biodiversity Forum (ABF), or simply Biodiversity Forum, is the heir and successor of Human Biodiversity Forum (2006-2008 †) and AnthroForum (2008-2009 †). Both these forums are now defunct and no longer operational, which is why ABF launched on 2009-10-22 with a mission to continue the legacy of the former forums. When Anthroforum closed, it was due to a lot of internal turmoil within the forum administration, controversies, and so on. The situation was unbearable and so AnthroForum closed.

    On ABF, I will make sure history doesn't repeat itself. I will not allow things to get out of hand, and though I will be lenient and forgiving many times in how I deal with disruptive members, I will also be very stern when it's needed. My intention is to keep this forum running for the long haul, at the very least, ten years. When and if I get tired of this forum, I will perhaps bequeath it to someone who can take responsibility for it and keep it alive and kicking. So don't worry about this forum closing down and you losing all your threads and posts, as was the case with the previous forums. Third time's the charm, and this time, it will be a long-lived forum.

    ABF has been up and running for one month now, and most of the enthusiastic members from HBF and AF, joined ABF, and for the most part, it's been going very well and the member community has been very active considering its small size of 200 or so members. As such, it's time for a policy announcement explaining where we stand on various issues and what's what.

    Freedom of speech: Use It or Lose It
    To begin with, this forum is a staunch supporter of freedom of speech, as in, no censorship of political opinions. We welcome all point of views here, whether they be Democratic, Islamic, Nationalist, Zionist, Communist, and so on and so forth. This is in line with our neutrality policy, which means that the forum doesn't have any specific ethno-nationalist agenda, which is often the case with other anthroboards. Therefore, we don't censor political opinions that are not in line with whatever political cause some nationalist group has, or a socialist party, etcetera. The freedom of speech aspect also applies to religious opinions, we don't censor those either.

    If you still haven't understood what this means, perhaps the following statements can give you a hint:

    “Freedom of speech doesn't protect speech that you like, freedom of speech protects speech that you hate.” — Ron Jeremy

    “Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech. Popular speech, by definition, needs no protection.” — Neal Boortz

    That said, we don't censor your posts if they contain controversial political opinions, but if you come here only to start fights with other members, constantly resorting to severe personal attacks instead of actually discussing like a grown-up, you might be banned indefinitely or suspended.

    Neutrality and no hidden agenda
    As explained above, this forum doesn't have any typical ethnic agenda that is often the case with other race-related forums. On Stormfront and Stirpes for example, it's Europeans only. On Skadi, it's Germanics only. But it's not so here on Biodiversity Forum. We welcome all people from all different sorts of ethnicities and religions. In this sense, you could say we are truly "multicultural". No one should feel unwelcome because you are not a member of any socially privileged ethnicity/race.

    Discussion, not flame war
    This forum exists because there are those of us who are actually interested in discussing topics related to biodiversity (both human and non-human), and in general, also science and politics, as well as culture, and the humanities. This forum is not to be abused for personal attention, flame wars with other members, and so on. The existence of this forum is meant to serve intellectual debate on controversial topics, such as genetic variation in the human species, that might be tied to race, and other topics that aren't discussed often or simply not known in the mainstream world. If you are not interested in debating the scientific topics you can discuss here, and your only reason for being here is to cause ruckus, then go somewhere else.

    Biodiversity Internet Resource, and the Humanities
    The only actual agenda you could say this forum has, is to act as an internet resource for discussions that are related to biodiversity and the humanities. This has always been the case with its predecessors, but whereas HBF and AF were more anthropology orientated, ABF will emphasise topics related to the humanities, much more than its predecessors did. This means, essentially, that biodiversity in the ABF context, will focus more on non-human species, and we will also provide sub-forums where you can discuss topics that are not strictly anthropological, yet related to us humans in one way or the other. For example, the forum section Historical Ideologies, which was added recently, is a case in point, where you can discuss political ideologies (from both a historical context and contemporary) that are related to the humanities. This section will most likely expand with a feminism sub-forum soon. The new sub-forums Mycology, Phytology and Zoology, are other examples of biodiversity discussions, that are non-anthropological in nature.

    Members' right to anonymity and privacy
    All members here on ABF, are guaranteed, to be anonymous, if they absolutely feel they must be so (for whatever personal reason). This includes reprimanding members who post personal information about other members, who have not given them permission to do so. By personal information, I mean email address, home address, IP address, pictures and other useful information that can somehow link to, or identify you with your real life identity. But it doesn't stop there. We will also take action when some members speculate publicly on the forum that you have other usernames. It is not okay to accuse a member of using other usernames, because that's also a breach of a particular member's privacy. If you see a member accusing you of being someone else from a different forum or even this forum, use the Report Post function and notify the moderators to delete the post.

    Part of the reason why we're being strict on this, is because we here on ABF want to promote discussion. We want members to feel they're safe to discuss here, politically controversial topics or otherwise, without facing harassment or persecution of their real life identities.

    In Sweden, recently, a new resolution was passed that made it possible (in legal terms) for the Swedish government to spy on its citizens. Anything from internet usage to telephone communication, are stored and the Swedish government has the right to go through pretty much everything you've done on the internet. The official explanation for this was to "combat terrorism", but I believe that's—if you pardon the expression—pure bullshit.

    This forum isn't run from a Swedish server. The server is in the United States of America, and therefore, we can provide you full freedom of speech in accordance with the 1st amendment. We do however have members from Sweden, and the FRA legislation might scare some members away from discussing controversial topics, in fear of what they say may result in consequences (political, personal or otherwise).

    As such, we offer 256-bit encryption, on the following URL:

    It is generally speaking, recommended that you always make use of the secure connection. If you use Internet Explorer 8, an annoying security warning will show up from time to time, asking you if you want to view only the content that was delivered securely. The reason for this, is because this forum uses the [img] tag feature, which means that some threads will link to pictures from other websites, websites that are not using a secure, encrypted connection. In other words, the secure connection on this forum isn't always fully encrypted. I could provide full encryption by turning off the [img] tag, but that would decrease the multi-media functionality of this forum. Either way, you should, preferably, view this forum with browsers that are not made by Microsoft, on the encrypted SSL connection.

    Moderators and Members
    On Anthroforum, the policy was that members had to show respect toward the moderators. Basically, moderators were on a pedestal. This time around, it will be different. Moderators are for the most part like ordinary members. It is allowed to use personal attacks against them, and they are allowed to use personal attacks toward members. Why, you might ask? Because we don't want to restrict free speech too much, simply because some members happen to be in a privileged position (i.e., moderator). Moderators are not allowed to abuse their position of influence as moderators, and harass members they dislike.

    Of course, the personal attacks I'm speaking of, are, or should be, within limits. You are allowed to call someone idiot, stupid and so on when you object to his opinions in a discussion (yes, even if it happens to be a moderator). These are minor insults anyone and everyone should be able to handle, otherwise, freedom of speech may not be your personal strength in life.

    But it's not okay with severe personal attacks. Posts with extreme personal attacks, might be deleted, and especially so, if it reaches the critical point when your post contains more personal attacks than actual discussion. And please, in order to not let things get out of hand, try to avoid personal attacks. As I've said before, a harsh language is okay to use in the discussions, and some minor personal attacks are tolerated, but it's never recommended to resort to abusive language.

    If you haven't already, please read the forum rules, memorise them by heart, and try to follow them as much as possible, in order to improve this forum, not only for the rest of us, but also for your own sake:

    This should cover most of it for now. More announcements will be made soon when I have some more time for that, but this should cover the most critical stuff. That being said, don't be shy with creating new threads and posting in various threads. Don't be afraid to voice your opinions.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask
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